Nabu Casa just indicated that my subscription has expired. It hasn't

Anyone else just have Nabu Casa shut down your service due to an expired subscription when it has an active credit card sitting there to bill?

I’ve obviously raised this directly with them, but just wondering if others are seeing this problem or whether I’m the only lucky one.

Also just noticed a series of these entries in my log:

2018-10-16 20:00:11 WARNING (MainThread) [] Unable to refresh token: Rate exceeded

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Having similar issues. In the Home Assistant Cloud menu, it says I have an active subscription, but says disconnected next to Cloud Connection Status.

The Nabu Casa site confirms my active subscription and the renewal date moved to a month from now (it was previously October 16th I believe).

I logged out of cloud and back in and have restarted Hass. No change.

Google Home no longer works.

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looks like this is likely to have affected a bunch of us. Not good for WAF (the Alexa capability is about the only thing she liked about my home automation hobby :slight_smile: Hopefully they will fix this quickly. Please submit a ticket on the Nabu Casa site…the more of us that do so the more quickly they will realize they have a problem

Just submitted. I’m a fan of supporting the cloud functionality, so hopefully the support and backend fixes are quick since we are now paying for it.

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Same problem. Says subscription is active, but cloud status shows disconnected. Alexa and Google assistant no longer work. I tried unlinking and relinking Google Assistant, but it wouldn’t relink to HASS.IO… I submitted a ticket.

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Same here… Noticed Alexa wasn’t working.

Active description, but disconnected.

Where do you submit a ticket at?

Same here…

Same, also opened a ticket at

Figured it where to submit a ticket… should have looked at website more carefully first.

Hope this gets fixed soon - or at least there is some communication. I didn’t get any confirmation with my ticket…

Same issue as well. Also got charged by nabucasa after adding my card back.

I was just charged too… But I didn’t remove my card and add it back. I do think today is the day I’m supposed to be charged though… Not sure. That would be ironic

Same issue here:
Active user. You will be charged on November 16, 2018, 6:00 PM
Cloud connection status Disconnected

same here, I am betting they turned on the auto payment system today and expired everyone to have it kick in and these messages slipped by.

Does this break Alexa today? I am not home so didn’t try yet.

Yep, Alexa is broken as well for me.

Today was definitely the day we start paying. I checked my bank account and $5.00 payment to Nabu Casa was processed.

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I like the way it worked much better when it was free :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Mine is back up and running!! What about the rest of you?

The system is down :frowning:
Regardless of active credit card.

It’s down for me, even after taking my CC number.

This is a bit annoying and disappointing, especially for us who have a family that relies on this feature. It’s not rocket science and to have one core functionality (sync Alexa and/or google home) fail like this makes it look madly alpha and unreliable at best. There isn’t a status page w/ uptimes, transparency in what is going on, barely even support or a contact page. Hopefully this will be cleaned up, it’s a good feature and needed.