Nabu Casa single account to manage multiple instances

Hi there,
I’ve contacted Nabu Casa asking them about some features, but never got a response, so I’ll suggest those features here.

Currently, I have a single Home Assistant instance that I’m managing via the cloud (,
I’m preparing another two instances that I also want to manage via the cloud.
The problem is that I must create 3 different accounts on the Nabu Casa website, assign my card 3 times.
I’d like to have a single account (let’s call it the admin account) that I will be able to use to manage all my instances.
As the admin, I’d like to be able to create accounts for other users and give them access to specific instances (I’m aware that I need a separate login/pass on HA, I’m talking only about

The use case is very simple:
I manage instances at my house, my parent’s house, my brother-in-law’s house and 10 instances for clients.
When I log in to I’d like to see a list of instances I can connect to and some kind of admin panel where I could assign which user has access to which instance. So when my brother-in-law login to the same page he will see only the Connect and Logout buttons (same view as now).

I’m sure that many users have more than one instance and would be very happy having instances and permissions management. Also, the payments could get simplified, You will get a single receipt and (hopefully a discount for having X instances)

Imagine You are an integrator and You want to manage all instances for all the clients. This feature would be a life-saver for You.

I’ve also noticed that there isn’t much going on with Nabu Casa Remote, there is no roadmap, no information about new functionality.

Did you ever get a response from Nabu Casa? Thanks.

Sadly no response till now. But they are charging my card regularly.
I’ve created two tickets asking about roadmap, multiple accounts, yearly billing.
If someone has some news please let us know.


I’d like to have this too - for now use your work around and create a 2nd account.

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I would also be able to use this functionality. I have three instances of HA running in different physical addresses and currently I have to find workarounds to be able to access them remotely.

Once I have HA set up, I tend to use the companion apps on Android (and sometimes on iOS). The biggest drawback to this for me is the way the companion app only integrates to one instance of HA.

My best case workaround to date is to have one instance of HA tied to the app and the other ones as shortcut icons the open a browser window.

It would be better to have all three instances of HA accessible in the same app.


+1 on this, I want to be able to manage my vacation cabin in the same account to!


I’m also interested in this.

Today each of your 10 clients pays the nabu casa subscriptions?
Or you pay one subscription and can manage all 10 instances? (or is that exaclty what you’re asking? lol)

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I pay per instance, so 10 instances = 10x$5, but that’s not the issue here.

I’d like to be able to have an admin account where I see all 10 instances and can assign users per instance. Right now I have 10 email account to manage 10 instances and I can’t create account per client. Ideally, I’d like to say to clients “go to and log in using this login and pass”.
The current workaround is to send them a long link they won’t remember.

Of course, a discount per number of instances is welcome :slight_smile:


I’m a software developer and I will be able to contribute on this feature. Created an issue on NabuCasa repo on GitHub. Link Nabu Casa single account to manage multiple instances · Issue #235 · NabuCasa/hass-nabucasa · GitHub

Since there is no source code available for the website, can’t get started.

Fingers crossed, waiting for a reply for NabuCasa’s reply


I’m a landlord and need to customize the home assistant Enviroment to my needs. Managing multiple properties and managing users and rights. Are you available to do that for hire?

It’s something the Nabucasa team is already working on. Take a look at it here Nabu Casa single account to manage multiple instances · Issue #235 · NabuCasa/hass-nabucasa · GitHub

Unfortunately there is no timeline set.

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    want to have that option as well :slight_smile:
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Me too. I would like multiple logons for all instances that I manage in nabu casa and preferably also in the companion. I also understand that each account will need a payment. In my case I have my own live instance, a test instance and one I set up for my mother.

+1 Have The main instance in my house and have a second instance in the barn (connected to main instace via ethernet)
This to cover my whole home since zigbee, zwave and other will not reach from main instance.

Second instance have bare minimum but running Zwave and Zigbee2mqtt and it would be really handy to access those via remote. In theory this is “one instance”/one system or one home or whatever it could be called

+1 Have home setup and work, want to start adding 10+ clients.

+3 I have a total of 4 home assistants; would be good to get a license for bulk buy too as I cant quite justify the cost just for Alexa, currently I have a VPN I use and then can manage all 4 on the management vlan. Only reason I just started using Nabu Casa is to test Alexa


+1 as HA gets bigger and even more popular these features are needed for playing customers who will continue to support nabu casa

+1 i would love to see that feature

Yah me too!

I read in the linked GitHub issue that this was beeing worked on, but that was a very old reply (1+ year). Anyone from Nabu Casa that can confirm if this is really being worked on?

I think the demand for it is really there, based on all the threads and reactions…

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