Nanoleaf integration setup guides?


I bought Nanoleaf Shapes panels and saw that nanoleaf has integration with HA. However There is not step by step guide to setting up. The only thing I see in the UI is this:


Is it an IP address? Or is it something else?

Then I tried adding the integration from the HA nanoleaf page: Nanoleaf - Home Assistant

Eventually, I get the following message:

I tried looking around and haven’t found any guides to setting up nanoleaf with HA.

Any help is appreciated!

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Host means hostname resolvable by dns or mdns or ip address.

Yes but what host, the home assistant up, the dbd server ip? More specifics are needed, but thanks for the half hearted answer for zero points


I used the IP Address of each Nanoleaf device.
I used my router to determine the individual IP addresses…

I entered the IP and then a pop-up appeared saying (paraphrasing):
Press the power button of the light for 5 sec and click submit within 30 sec

I hope this helps

On a Nanoleaf essentials led strip … which is bluetooth - the app sees it, the app sees the HA thread network (using skyconnect), but when trying to add that network for the device - the “select” list is empty?! The strip should support Thread, at least that’s what I see online, but … can’t get it to “see” the network…

I think HA knows it’s own IP address.