Narwal self cleaning robot

Will very much like to see below integrated with HA :grin:

It’s indegogo. It will never ship.

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Do they even have an open API? (Not trying to be critical, just not sure)

Definitely want to see it happen

I just purchased (not from indiegogo) and received the Narwal robot. Definitely wish to have it integrated in my HA.

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I already got one as well, any one happy to build integration with HA? Looking forward…

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Almost all communication going to … not sure, if this is documented anywhere :confused:

I would love to see this integration! Someone smarter than me, let me know how I can help

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its on amazon…

Anyone ever figure out the integration?

I know this is older, but thought I would ask this.
Has anyone worked on this?
Has anyone tried to actually reach out to Narwal to ask if they actually have an open API?
If they have an open API, then should be easy to integrate. Maybe Narwal would be interested in actually helping to write an integration?
Just curious, I would reach out to Narwal first and find out if they are happy to give details about the API

Well, Narwal put a big damper on trying to get this off the ground.
I wrote to their support and asked about the API.

Hi Brendan,
Thanks for contacting Narwal, this is Icy.
Sorry, we don’t have an open API. But it supports Siri.
Best Regards,

So that really limits the ability to get any information on how to integrate with the cleaner without having to reverse engineer the whole thing, which would be highly questionable and subject to change without warning.