Native Room Presence Integration

Hello everyone,
following, some thoughts/feature requests on Room Presence.
TL:DR is something similar to Comprehensive Room Presence Detection: Linking it all up! as built in integration.

Use Case/What i wish to do
Having implicit/anonymous room presence (caused by a environmental sensor like movement detector, or device usage like playing media players), as well as explicit/named room presence, e.g. created by espresence with BLE.
With that values, I want to build automations using the states exposed by a future room presence integration, e.g.:

  • Set Thermostat to $value, if room_presence.living_room is present for 5m
  • Set RGB Strips to preset_person1 if room_presence.living_room attribute person1 is present
  • Start vacuum only if room presence is away
  • If room_presence.sleep is present, and room_presence.sleep attr anonymous is true, raise alert (no guests shall be in sleeping room without supervision)

What is needed
An integration managing e.g. the domain room_presence, with configurable entities both per person and per room.

  • which are anonymous environmental occupation entities (e.g. movement detector)
  • which are device occupation entities (e.g. Android TV)
  • which is the matching name for person-aware occupation system (room names in espresence etc.)
  • which sensor is room-aware (e.g. espresence person entitiy)
  • general/stationary/default presence sensors

In a later stage, it might be helpful to also add timers, e.g. a minimum time a sensor must be active to occupy a room, or a “leave delay”.

Most of those functions are possible to do with custom helpers and automations, but in my opinion, home assistant would profit from having a distinct, upstreamed way of doing this.

Would that be a wanted feature, and would you accept PRs implementing this?