Need a wireless button... dash button died

I am running Hassio and my Dash button died. I need a button of some kind that is wireless. I currently have a Hue Hub for connectivity.

Are there any options with it? It looks like xiaomi might be an option, but that appears to be another hub.

Do I have any other good options?

I use Xiaomi and originally thought, god not another hub, but now I have 2, 1 for upstairs and 1 for down stairs. The buttons are great, I have the old version behind my bedside drawers, which is a all off button, so we don’t need to worry about turning lights off before we go to bed.

Then a new square one as a door bell… works brilliantly, and loads of other sensors now.

@MarkR which hub are you using?

The Xiaomi ones

Another option would be to use something like Zigate ( which is a vendor neutral, open source gateway that I’m using myself.

I use it for the Xiaomi stuff since I didn’t want a gateway that’d phone home and I liked the idea of it being open. There’s a custom component for it that’s being developed. I’ve used this combination for a while and it’s working brilliantly. Basically it’s plug-and-play.

Range is good and I use it with a round Xiaomi button to turn oft all the lights when I go to bed for example. :smile:

Edit: by the way, the Xiaomi button can do up to four clicks for an action, giving you four functions to build into it.

So, the translation is kinda rough. Does the Zigate plug into the Pi running HA?

Yes, it plugs into a usb connection of the Pi. I’m running it on HASSio by the way. There’s also a wifi version that connects to the Pi via wifi but I don’t have that.

The Zigate custom component has an init function for the Zigate too, so basically what I did is:

  • insert zigate into pi usb connection
  • add custom zigate component to HA
  • add config (zigate: in config)
  • restart pi
  • use zigate.init service through developer tab
  • start adding your xiaomi items

You can put it into join mode through a service call and then hit the button on the sensor or button… See New custom component : ZiGate (obsolete) and its github page

Do you happen to know if it will work with Cree and Osram lights?

I don’t have those so I can’t say for sure but Osram is mentioned on with two products as being compatible.

You might want to check if @eLRIC knows. (He develops the Zigate custom component for HA)

I do know that Zigate (the device) is aimed at “any” ZHA compliant device. If you have more specific questions, I think asking in the component’s topic would probably yield more answers by people with more devices.

I got Zigate because the firmware is open and I wanted to use it for my Xiaomi devices.

if you have power local to where you need the button an esp01 with push button on faceplate maybe

I have a few of those around, but I do not have power at the location. I love them with ESPEasy where I can… very handy to throw a button, display and sht30 on a wemos.

i have a box full that i got frustrated with trying to flash them with espeasy, i just couldnt suss out the process, unlike the esp12’s which just flash. any pointers would be grateful :-), i have projects lined up for them, but dont need the frustration.