Need beginner help

Hi, I need quite a bit of beginner help for a home assistant and have a number of questions that maybe someone can help me with?

has installed everything according to help pages / youtube videos etc. etc. My first question is why does the screen turn black after starting HASSIO in the Virtual box program starts charging and only a few seconds later the screen turns black?

my second question is when I try to log in to hassio.local: 8123 or via (local IP address) so I can not answer or refuse connection

I also wonder why the people who develop HASSIO can not make a finished concept for win 10 and always have to fight with some other soft or trick to make this work in windows.

Then you try to follow instructions and it always goes the way of e.g. Youtube when you do everything EXACTLY by yourself, everything happens, the screen turns black, does not respond, no contact, etc., etc. thought that this program was there to simplify life with all sorts of automations, etc., but seems to be done to get a nervous breakdown

I assume you did not enable EFI for the VM, so it will not boot.

If it doesn’t boot, it will not have an IP address.
The VM where HA should run gets his own IP from your router when bridged network is activated.

Here is a nice guide for installing HA in VirtualBox.

Thanks for fast replay have to test this guide TNX

Because windows 10 is an appalling operating system for a high availability server to be based on.

You have chosen a difficult non standard installation method. If you want a “beginner level” experience try installing the home assistant image on a raspberry pi.


I would strongly agree with Tom here (I often use Windows too, but never for something I need to be reliable, like Home Automation (Taras may kill me for that :rofl: ) ).

It may not be for you long term (either HA or running it on a Pi) but this will get you going most simply, give you a taste of full functionality, let you get a handle on (say) using VSC to edit stuff once you’ve set up samba/CIFS, test back ups, test addons etc.
Then in say 2 to 3 months you will know the landscape, the forum and can get help moving what you have to your chosen platform.
Good Luck

Here its stop :thinking: