Need help with a television recommendation

I’m new to HA so if this has already been answered somewhere else, please point me in the right direction.

I helping a non-profit out and trying to do some automation with their new facility. I have HA setup to control all of the Honeywell thermostats, but need some guidance on selecting a TV.

There will be about 15 TVs placed around the building and they want to be able to turn them all on/off and select what content is displayed. The content will come from a IPTV converter that I gave them. The IPTV converts 4 HDMI inputs to http:// streams. What I’m looking for is a TV that HA can turn on/off and select which http:// stream to pull from.

Any recommendations for a TV?
I have tried the following TV
LG (WebOS 23) could not turn it on remotely. Never got to trying load web browser with address.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


WebOS tvs have wake on lan or ’ mobile on’ features. Would be sufficient I guess

Other options are hdmi CEC, but that requires hardware attached to hdmi in on the tv

I tried a brand new LG (WebOS23) and I can turn it off but not back on.

I’m wondering if a TV with Chromecast built-in would work. I know it does not have a native web browser but it does support VLC.


We have been very happy with our new Roku TV (along with Roku sticks on regular TVs). I believe it can do everything you are asking for.

What size?
What is budget per unit?

I would avoid smart TVs. Long term they will be a pain. Anything with ethernet or WiFi. Need to check manual for some api/lan control or “crestron connected”. Pro models are priced similar to some consumer models. They will have those features. Just check the audio because some have terrible or no speakers

LG webos tv are a pain in the ass with home assistant. In my case all bad experiencies. Tv most of the times dont turn in on with wake on lan, sometimes an automation to turn off light when i turn off the tv are activated ramdonly beacuse detects that my tv is off when is not… i have confirmed that is a home assistant or lg integration problem becouse with homebride i do not have those problems. if you can do not choose LG webos

I have a Roku and will give it a try.

Looking at 55" and 65" TVs. It is a non profit so budget is tight, about $500 to $800 per unit. The units will all be hardwired.

Again, I’m new to HA and was wondering what the community thought would be easy TV to control.

Thought I would give an update. I ended up going with Vizio TVs. I am able to turn them on and off and they will actually stream from an IPTV. Currently have 30 TVs set up so that when you turn them on they will pull from different default IPTV channels.