Need help with API.AI

Hi guys
I have a problem configuring this component.
Everything is done exactly as described in the lesson. But regardless of the value of ‘async_action’ always falls on timeout.
Fulfillment: webhook url is

Values of Intent, Action and User says all set to Summary
Use webhook is checked


base_url: {myhass}

speech: Everything ok.

What could be the problem?

What happens if you visit https://{myhass}{myhasspwd} in a browser?


GET gives 405: Method not alowed
POST with empty body falls with 500: server error

Thank you

Seems like the api is working to me. My guess is there is something wrong with the config you did on the site. My config is like the following:

Fullfillment -> Webhook
Enabled button on
URL: https://{{DOMAIN}}/api/apiai
HEADERS:  x-ha-access        {{PASSWORD}}
          Content-Type       application/json
DOMAINS: Disable webhook for all domains

In my Intents I have in the Response a Text Response “Cannot connect to HA or it is taking to long” and below that in the Fullfilment section I have the “Use Webhook” checkbox checked.

Does yours look like this as well?


Still the same result =(

It’s seems that can’t reach home assistant.

Response contains same status with or without authorization info

"status": {
    "code": 206,
    "errorType": "partial_content",
    "errorDetails": "Webhook call failed. Error: Request timeout."

Do you have your SSL setup up in HA?


Yeah it’s configured.

I have the same issue, my HA version is 0.40

It’s not a general issue with 0.40 I have 0.40 and it’s working for me.


I had a similar issue. In my case it was Cloudflare causing the problem between and home assistant and was fixed by adding a page rule that turned “Browser Integrity Check” to Off.

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Many things have changed since the last attempt.
There was a complete reinstallation of HASS, installed a couple of updates, router was reset to factory defaults.
But now is working correctly.

Can you please share your configuration.yaml for

I cant seem to get this working.

What is the error you are getting? It would be much easier to approach it this way :slight_smile: The configuration on the component page works perfectly fine.


I tried that, but get this error:
2017-08-23 07:00:35 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.config] Invalid config for [apiai]: not a valid value for dictionary value @ data['apiai']. Got OrderedDict([('intent_script', OrderedDict([('Garage', OrderedDict([('speech', "The Status of Garage is {{states('cover.garage_door')}}")]))]))]). (See /home/homeassistant/.homeassistant/configuration.yaml, line 132). Please check the docs at

My configuration is simple, like below

      speech: The Status of Garage is {{states('cover.garage_door')}}```

Same here… need help :slight_smile:
2017-08-22 23:45:58 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.config] Invalid config for [apiai]: not a valid value for dictionary value @ data['apiai']. Got OrderedDict([('intents', OrderedDict([('GetTemperature', OrderedDict([('speech', "We have {{ states('sensor.citronnier_temperature') }} degrees"), ('async_action', False), ('action', OrderedDict([('service', 'notify.notify'), ('data_template', OrderedDict([('message', ' has send a request')]))]))]))]))]). (See /home/homeassistant/.homeassistant/configuration.yaml, line 126). Please check the docs at


          speech: We have {{ states('sensor.citronnier_temperature') }} degrees
          async_action: False
            service: notify.notify
              message: has send a request

Ok, I found it !

Example on API.AI component is wrong.

Check the Intent script page :

Sorry but the example is NOT wrong.

First off you did put “intent” instead of “intent_script” like stated in the component page. Next you put it under apiai altough it clearly is next to it not indented in the example.


You are right. The example is correct, however, I can see how I got it wrong.
Pays to just copy and paste from the component page rather than typing it in.

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It also worked for me taking the example at home assistant component page.
The customizations I’ve made to make it work were:

  • My endpoint isn’t SSL secured. So I pointed to the unsecure address em added on headers KEY = x-ha-access, value = MYPASSWORD.
  • Changed the example to match the sensors I have in my setup.

At this point I can write asking the temperature of my house on console and the answer is returned.

Is anybody using this with Google Assistant? I would like to know how to connect this apiai project I’ve created with my google assistant instance running on my Raspberry Pi. As far as I remember in order to trigger this apiai project I have to say “hey google, test app”, and this is something I would like to avoid.

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