Neo Coolcam PIR - Z-Wave

Dear all,

I have bougt this sensor, and connect to my Zstick Gen5 on my raspberry 3. In homeassistant i found two new states, zwave.aeotec_zw090_zstick_gen5_eu I suppose this is the zwave stick. And the other one zwave.neo_coolcam_battery_powered_pir_sensor I suppose this is the pir sensor. But this one is always in sleeping state and I can’t find the 0-1 state for the RIP sensor. Screenshot below.
Can someone help me with this setting.

That’s a naughty one, it shows up as a binary sensor rather than a z-wave one. Look for binary_sensor.neo_coolcam_battery_powered_pir_sensor_2_0 instead.

I had the same problem earlier this year, you’ll find quite a bit of information in the thread I started back then: Neo Coolcam PIR

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You should find other nodes, likely binary_sensor.neo_coolcam_... and sensor.neo_coolcam_....

The zwave. entities are for the device control, they’re not sensors (or switches).

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Oh hey, sorry for the stupid question but I really don’t think it will be so simple. Thank you so much!!

No worries, it’s not all that obvious until you understand how entities are named.

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