Nespresso Integration

i have a Nespresso D80 Expert

i think it would be great to have homeassistant support, maybe even oficial one ! it would be a great adition to home assistant…

Sure, it would but that requires that the hardware supports more than Bluetooth or need a hack.

well it supports bluetooth and the Nespresso app can program the machine to turn on based on a schedule for example

@mclaudiopt if you are a programmer maybe this can help you:

For sure it can be done I just don’t know how to do it!

This one seems better @mclaudiopt

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I start this topics, in the D80 case it will have to bee adapt.

I update the repository and it’s working by adding it manually to hacs.

Still a lot to do.
Make a lungo coffee is possible through service.

I’m proud to tell you that the first release is now available directly in hacs :slight_smile:


Can someone help me on how to find the auth code. Maybe some kind of quick tutorial.

Thank you in advance.

Did you use an Android or ios device to talk to your Nespresso machine?

If you use an Android it’s easier to get Bluetooth log and find it.

Have a look here to find it. Peter’s explain it very nicely here:

Or try to catch me on discord :slight_smile:

Hi cobi. Did you manage to find your auth code?

not yet. I use ios and I’m trying to conect to an android device. The only one that I have is a tablet with a custom firmware and I’m not being able to conect to the machine. any hints on how to do this in ios?

Bubez81 manage to get it on iOS. I asked him if he could explain it here.

@bubez81, Can you help me on getting the auth-key for the nespresso?

Sure! You have to use this website and this profile:

After the procedure while the program is recording you have to do a coffe with your iPhone.
Now you have a file in your home /Users/youruser, something like this: 08.06.2020 22.38.22.pklg
Now in the terminal launch this command hexdump -v -e ‘/1 "%02X "’ yourfile.pklg | grep -o ‘0B 00 04 00 12 14 00 <… … … … … … … …>’

and here’s your code

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Thanks for the ios helpers

No prob! Happy to help


IOS method does not work for me. (I dont own an OSX device). The android method after trying in 3 different android devices I’m unable to create the HCI snoop log.

I have acess to the database of the nespresso app. I can see that there is a “pairing_key” present in the database. Does anyone know if it can be of any use?

Hi, does this start by ‘8’ and looks like a 16 hexa number?

If yes try it why not