Nespresso Vertuo Next Integration

I recently purchased a Nespresso Vertuo Next ( Link) and during setup I noticed that it has bluetooth and wifi.
The machine is permanently connected to the wifi network, so it would be great if it could be integrated with Home Assistant.

I bought one yesterday as well. However, I think it’s only connects to WiFi when it’s on and it turns off after 2min so I don’t know what useful integration you could create…

Also, mine seems to have lost connection altogether anyway :slight_smile:

I’m looking to do the same thing with a wifi connected Nespresso Essenza Plus. So when I wake up in the morning I can ask Alexa via a speaker in the bedroom to make a coffee.

Do you figure this out already? Most of the steps for this should be pretty easy to do (the Nespresso machine power on can be done with a HA integrated wifi “smart” power plug, and the Nespresso plugged into that), but I’m looking for how to send the command to the address of the Nespresso to make the coffee. There’s a couple of other discussions on remotely managing Nespresso machines via Bluetooth, perhaps those can be adapted to use the wifi IP/MAC address?

Hi, I didn’t see this post before.

Pretty sure the easiest way is by Bluetooth with my integration.

Other solution needs lot of reverse engineering job.
Fill free to have a try.