Nest API shutting down on August 31, 2019

Looks like Nest’s API is going away on August 31, 2019. If you migrate to a Google Account, you’re forced to remove all “Works with Nest” connections.



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Frustrating. I’m sure there will be many other comments on here from others with similiar frustrations. I bought a nest smoke alarm about 6 months ago, which I have integrated. Looks like that will end in August. Anyone have any recommendations on good smoke detectors other than first alert that work well with HA and are not likely to go the way of google/nest?

The site mentions that things will continue via the Works with Google Assistant program. Will it be possible to use any integration with that to read and control things like thermostats?

Just got the email:

I read this as they want the google hub to be the only control surface.

Well, this sucks. Anyone want to buy a thermostat, two smoke alarms and a doorbell?

Reeks of MS era tactics from the 90’s. Embrace, extend, extinguish…


nest Not according to the Nest q&a site

I’m curious to see if they stick with this or find some way to open the API to external access - maybe a new endpoint in Nest Home. I’m fairly invested in Nest products, I’d hate to have to replace them to continue HASS monitoring of my home.

Maybe via one more thing they can sell you, namely a Nest Hub Max (successor to the Google Home Hub).

All good little smart homes need at least three independent hubs to manage their own ecosystems.


Now would probably be a good time for someone at Ecobee to reach out and express support for the home automation community and make some sort of promise for continued support (and access) and they could easily become the go to for home automation enthusiasts ya know? Could really take a bite out of Nests hold on the smart thermostat market.


Everyone should ask for a refund of 50% from Nest. Last time they removed a feature from a product (Nest Protect, wave to silence alarm), they issued refunds. This is a pretty big feature they’re removing.


We’re pissed. It’s unfortunately because the Nest’s aesthetic is amazing; anyone know of a Z-Wave thermostat that looks decent?

They still don’t have a local API :confused:

The closest they have is homekit support, but if you don’t use Apple crap at home you are still forced to rely on their cloud which (if you look at their status page) has had an outage of some kind pretty much every day for months now.

If they were to come out and actually commit to a true local API, I would never recommend anything but their products.

Looks like Nest will still be able to be controled this way. But this may require a cloud account?

That isn’t necessarily true. The Google Home app is merely exposing Home Assistant entities to Google Home. From what we’re reading, if the API to control the Nest goes away, Home Assistant (a) won’t recognize its presence and (b) won’t be able to expose it to Google Home.

Doesn’t seem like you can make brand new dev accounts anymore.

What a joke. This year, they’ve had so many outages of the developer API, and now they’re putting the final nail in the coffin. Thermostat has to go, I ordered a Venstar.

The smoke detectors is a harder thing to deal with - they are functional, but I won’t be able to do any automation on events anymore. I really feel like they owe me a few hundred dollars for basically making all these devices useless to me.

Man… I got the doorbell, some detectors and thermostat. The nest was always getting my recommendations to everyone. Guess that will stop at this point.

I have major automation’s setup around the detector and the doorbell. Looks like Ill be replacing some expensive items in the near future.

Anyone got recommendations on good looking cameras that don’t look like a robot eye attached to the ceiling?

I imagine that given the ability for Google home/assistant to control Home Assistant that once the Nest stuff shows up in there you could then trigger something in HA from Google home when something in Nest happens (i.e. Nest smoke alarm triggered then turn on script in HA etc).