Nest - Existing user and 0.94

I get Nest is shutting down their API, but from what I understand, it will continue working with existing users. I upgraded to 0.94 this morning and anything Nest is broke. Was working fine on the previous version. Was anything related to nest removed in 0.94? Do not see anything specific in the release notes.

Same experience here… haven’t had the time to investigate the logs yet. What I’ve seen is that the auth flow (console) on nest gives me a 403.

Seeing this in my logs:

2019-06-22 09:36:41 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.sensor] Setup of platform nest is taking over 10 seconds.

Guessing the API is having issues right now or they are doing maintenance of some sort which is breaking all the Nest things. Going to give it some time and hope it returns.

I’m in the same boat too. Mine just stop working

FWIW, others are experiencing the same issue in this post:

Noticed two things, the Nest Access token endpoint and Works with Nest API endpoint are down. One returning a 404, the other is completely offline:

Hope to see these recovered sometime soon…

The Nest developer API endpoint is up and my Nest entities are working now! Give your HA a restart and all is well.