Nest OAuth info. SD card died. What to do?

I had my nest thermostat setup in HA. My SD card for HA in my pi completely died yesterday and I found I didn’t have the nest client_id and client_secret backed up anywhere. It appears I can’t retrieve it anymore from the works with nest website as the “Products” link just goes to the Google FAQ’s.

Since I’m now setting up my whole HA from scratch again, is there anyway to integrate my nest thermostat? Google talks about migrating your works with nest account to Google, but I’m not sure if that would help or even how to do it.

There is a work around which apparently is not as stable, however to best of my knowledge there is no google official API at this moment. If you can’t wait you can find the work around in the blog post. I stumbled upon few weeks ago. Otherwise either go ecobee route and thank yourself later or wait for the official api to get released

Well, luckily I found I did backup the client id and secret so I’m probably good for now. I did check out the alternative work around fxcoolby mentioned above. It looks like it probably would have worked. If anyone else is interested, the post is in the comments here: badnest comment

Oops, guess I spoke too soon. The final step in integrating the Nest thermostat is to login from the HA UI and get a pin code. When I get to the Nest page and tell it to allow the permissions, I get an error. Looks like a 403 forbidden (unauthorized) error. Guess I will try to try out the workaround.

The Badnest workaround I posted the link to above actually works quite well. No need for a client id or secret. It works off your regular Nest login or Google login. The only annoyance is that because I reboot so many times while setting up my system, I get an email from Nest about a new login every time.

Lost my sd card and was able to pull the clientID & Secret along with the nest entry in the .storage/core.config_entries as mentioned in this post. Works like a champ!

Nest to turn off their API