Nest temp as automation trigger

I have looked at this post Newbie automation help - Nest humidity to trigger switch with dehumidifier
but with the recent switch to climate would this still work if I am wanting to use the temp instead of humidity?

@camrun91 Not sure what you are trying to do but all that really changed is the name of the entity_id.

- alias: automation with nest
    platform: state
    entity_id: climate.nest_name
    to: '72'
    service: some.service
    entity_id: example.entity_id

This is what I have in my automation.yaml right now. What I am wanting is for the fan to turn on when the nest hits 74 degrees.

  • alias: Fan on when above 74

- platform: numeric_state
entity_id: climate.“nest name”.current_temperature
above: 74

- service: switch.turn_on
entity_id: switch.bedroom_fan

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Is the entity_id of your nest really climate.“nest name”.current_temperature?

You should be able to match state directly, even with a number, instead of using numeric_state if you want it exactly at 74 to turn the fan on rather than above 74, which would only trigger at > 74, such as 74.5

Comparing directly, it will simply take it as a string rather than an integer or a float, but should still be able to compare it.

alias: Turn on Bedroom Fan at 74 degrees
  platform: state
  entity_id: climate.my_nest.current_temperature
  state: '74'
  service: switch.turn_on
  entity_id: switch.bedroom_fan

And as @PtP mentioned about the nest name… I assume you were using “nest_name” as a placeholder??

I started the tread you linked to. I was never able to get my automation to work with the data from Nest being the trigger. Maybe something with the way I scripted it or the way the nest polls for data (seems to be slow). I ended up getting some temp/humidity sensors that I have linked through the Smartthings/mqtt integration, and got it working right away.

no it is not I just pulled that for generic use. I have the actual nest name there.

yes the placeholder is what I was using it as. Sorry for the confusion. I will try this but I was looking for it to do is if the temp is 74 or above it will turn on the switch. I do not care so much about turning it off if it goes below.