Nest thermostat change temperature based on outside temperature

Ok. I been trying to do this for so long.
I am pretty new with automation stuff.
I need some help.
Here my idea.
Nest temperature sensor(placed outside)
So I want automation or script that checks the temperature on that sensor every hour or so.
And with that temperature. I want HA to tell nest thermostat to change temperature accordingly
If temperature on that sensor is 75-80 F. I want my nest to be at 72. Constant.
But let’s say when temperatures drop to 60
Heater kicks in to 70.
::: this can be different automation that runs at night only.
I want read temperature from another sensor that’s on top floor of the house. And change the temp based in this sensor.

I am aware that this is similar to auto and schedule feature but with extra step.

Temperature keeps changing. Family keeps complaining saying it’s cold or hot. And at night it’s hot
And if I change turn the temp down. It’s cold in living room for dad in morning.

Variable looking something like this.
65_80_cool: 72
80_95_cool: 72
above_95_cool: 72
below_65_cool: 72
below_65_heat: 69
above_95_heat: 69
80_95_heat: 69
65_80_heat: 69

::: these number are random. I want to change number as season changes

If you have any questions or suggestions. Let me know.
Thank you in advance.