Nest Thermostat integration

I used Home Assistant back in 2017 but was put off by all the yaml coding. This was way too complicated for my taste and took too much time.

I decided to give it another go since i saw it got a bit simpler over time.

Back in 2017 i was able to integrate Nest but of course Google pulled the plug on this.

In my Nest app I still have a link within my developers account with “works with nest” that is linked to my old Home Assistant install from 2017. I don’t have any backup of this but was wondering if it’s possible to get this working since i do have a developers account and in theory there is already a integration setup. I just don’t know how to integrate it into HASS properly.

Alternatively i have homebridge setup on another server. However i can’t get this to integrate with HASS. The homebridge is found in the UI i click configure enter the PIN and nothing happens. No error just nothing and prompted for the PIN again.

Another thing i am looking for is a integration with the Nvidia Shield Plex client and philips hue lights.
Just something very simple “dim lights when Plex plays” “switch on lights when Plex stops”. I haven’t been able to find a simple way to get this done by just using the UI but maybe someone can point me in the right direction.

This is what i used to get my Nest working and it works a treat,

some say they have had issues installing so heres the thread if you get stuck below.


I think that must migrate to google account from nest account.
At the end of last year Google announced that Device Access Console is available:
Device Access allows qualified partners and individuals to securely access and control Nest products with their apps and solutions.