NestCam support

It’d be great to be able to see my NestCams in home-assistant!

Doesn’t the Generic IP Camera or the Generic MJPEG IP Camera platform works?

Not sure Nest exposes the NestCam?

Yes they do expose the nestcam:

Oh great. I’d love to be able to turn them on and off at least. That way I can use my HASS sensors to control the cams.

Nest’s official API supports cameras, but the python-nest library doesn’t use the official API. The python-nest library would need to be updated to support cameras in order for HA to show images from the camera.

Right now I’d just be happy with being able to turn the NestCam on and off (for example on alarm arm/disarm). Currently I’ve got the cams coming on when Nest is set to Away, but if I was at home and doing an Arm(home) I wouldn’t want to set the Nest to Away.

Why wouldn’t python-nest use the official APIs??

Made a request here

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Did you get any response on this?

I am mulling over buying Nest cams and would want them supported in HA. Since they have a published API I wouldn’t mind putting a little effort into a Python API suitable for HA to use.

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plz someone make it support


Has there been any progress on adding NestCams? I’ve got a couple I’d love to be included in Hass

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I started work on updating python-nest for Nest Cam support with the new API at and support with homeassistant support started at

This is SUPER DUPER WORK IN PROGRESS, so I wouldn’t suggest trying it unless you are a developer that can help debug and contribute at this point.

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Been away for a bit and upgraded to latest HASS this evening. Was very happy to see NestCam integration!!

Looks like I can view the video, get notifications in HASS when the NestCam sees someone etc.

I think the only think you still can’t do is turn it on and off though?

They’ve added support for turning the cam on and off using the API

Hopefully that can get added to HASS now!

Any progress on this?
Currently it looks like you can only set the ‘home_mode’ ?

Is it now possible to update is_streaming in home assistant?

Is_streaming setter is already implemented in python-nest. It must be quite easy to implement it in the HA component. Could someone please look in to this?

I’m pretty new to HA, so not sure how to proceed “officially” here. But I did figure out how to update the basic camera component and Nest integration to do this. Some details here:

If someone who knows how to properly submit enhancements to HA would like to pick this up and run with it, I’d be more than happy to provide what I did. At least it might be a reasonable start.

Could you please put your changes on github? I tried to do the same thing, but my python skills are not sufficient.

To make it official i believe you have to make a pull request.

@wouzer, I think the “cost of entry” is a bit higher than that (and by that I mean what’s involved in getting code submitted and accepted into HA), so unfortunately, it won’t be too soon. But in the meantime, as I said, I’m happy to share what I did with anyone directly.