Netatmo banned based on server response - Can someone explain this to me?

I received this message from Netatmo regarding my HASS integraton -



“Your app has been webhook banned. To avoid being banned, your application must always return ‘200’ and answer quickly to our server (< 10sec). If your application did not answer quick enough or if it returned another code more than five times in a row, your webhook will be deactivated during 24 hours. To manually unban your app, click on the button below.”

I do not understand what is happening here. Can anyone explain it to me? I do not use Nabu Casa. Thank you in advance for any attention or comment.

Same problem for me. I will read along here.

Yes; lately my cameras are not visible most of the time, while in the Netatmo IOS app they show up just fine always. Also, my TTS using Sonos is being rejected almost every time due to connection timeouts. I’m just trying to understand if these are performance issues or SW flaws.

If I need to go the Nabu Casa route or contribute to some crowdfunded upgrade I would have no problem with either just to lose the frustration. Hopefully the people that know will respond with something credible.

Can you please share some details about your setup? Are you behind a proxy?

Not trying to hijack the topic, but as I seem to have the same problem with a different setup it might be worth sharing here. As mentioned I have the same ‘webhook ban’ from Netatmo as the OP posted.

For me the camera’s seem to still appear, it is just the webhook that’s the issue.

My setup: Nabu Casa, HA 110.4.

Please unban it, restart HA and check the log for errors. Ideally turn on debug logging for the netatmo integration so we can dig into the issue.

Ok Tobi. Let me wake up some and I will send you a debug log. I opened an issue with engineering as well. I believe I am running a reverse proxy since I implemented Nginx. However, I have had the problem for several weeks and implemented the Nginx addon on Wednesday. This problem is not isolated to Netatmo. I have the same exact issue with the TTS integration whether I use Goggle or Voicerss. I usually get a server timeout notification from Sonos on my TSS integration. Strange stuff since usually my issues stem from operator error. Thank you for taking an interest.

Well that takes Nabu Casa out of the picture as the problem since my instance runs without Nabu Casa and we see the same issue. Lucky us.

What do you mean by “with engineering”?

The support team that you submit problems to … Here are the two I submitted -

There is a normal log in the first one. This tool will not let me send the other unless it is a picture format. I guess I could cut and paste but it is very large.

Ah. Alright, so, here again, can you please share some details about your setup? Are you behind a proxy? The more details the better.

It’s a very vanilla setup Tobi. I am using an RPI 3 b+. I did have just the DuckDNS addon for SSL remote access but was talked into adding the Nginx addon for internal access as I had mentioned in this forum that having an internal url seemed silly if you had remote access. So what did that buy me - I can now access my HASS instance internally without using my external URL. Anyway, about a month ago. my cameras and TTS services were functioning great. However, again over the past month, I noticed my cameras going offline more and more even though they were always available in the Netatmo IOS app. It’s now at the point of them being off line more than online due to a failure to reach our servers. Finally, I submitted a formal support request. As fate would have it my cameras are online at the moment. TTS is even more bizarre. It was coming and going but then stopped performing at all. I use Sonos for playback. Again, the Sonos app, complained that the server was not responding and therefore timed out the request. All my voice recordings are in the TTS folder but do not get played. I tried using Google and then switched to VoiceRSS but still nothing. So I submitted a formal support request for that issue as well. Here is my setup, like I said very vanilla; I would just like it to work with Google Translate or VoiceRSS so I get playback. VoiceRSS is a resource hound but it’s fine for what I’m doing. I’m not sure what specifically you are looking for but you are welcome to jump on my set-up via Teamviewer and have a look around if it would help.


Home Assistant 0.110.3, Frontend version: 20200519.5 - latest

arch armv7l
chassis embedded
dev false
docker true
hassio true
host_os HassOS 3.13
installation_type Home Assistant
os_name Linux
os_version 4.19.114-v7
python_version 3.7.7
supervisor 225
timezone America/Chicago
version 0.110.3
virtualenv false
  • Home Assistant Core release with the issue: 103.3
  • Last working Home Assistant Core release (if known): Unknown - has been going on since the introduction of internal and external urls.
  • Operating environment (Home Assistant/Supervised/Docker/venv): Docker
  • Integration causing this issue: TTS
  • Link to integration documentation on our website:

Tobi …

I’ve been replying and sending you messages here -

Would you rather have me post things in this forum? Netatmo will not provide statistics due to European data protection laws which is a shame. Anyway, they would look awful so maybe the less you know the better … The cameras went out this morning for no apparent reason. Still waiting for them to come back. No bans just gone.

Both is fine with me, we should just go with one. Apart from that life is pretty busy currently, sorry for the slow response.

It’s all good … I’ll post here so this will be my last message on this subject in this forum.

I suggested to try things about your proxy, you refused. I suggested to debug this with you interactively, you refused. You have to decide whether you have the patience to assist finding the the cause of the matter or you don’t. It’s up to you. I can only do so much without in-depth knowledge about your setup. And if you’re not willing to take any of my suggestions you are on your own. Stop involving other people and stop accusing me.

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Hello. Is there any news on this problem? I have the same problem: Home Assistan installation with NABU + Webhooks. My NetAtmo debeloper app is always banned and stops working

I removed it from my HA install so I am not aware of the current status.

News in what regard? As long as you configure Netatmo with your own developer account rather than HA cloud link this should work fine. If webhook gets banned for your account then you have to check how you expose your instance. Netatmo requires 443/https and you have to configure HA and your reverse proxy accordingly. Details are in the docs. Let me know if you need more details and/or help.

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I don’t understand what’s wrong.
I have a Nabu Casa account and a Netatmo developer account.
I set up cloud integration and created the netatmo app.
but I get banned anyway.