Netatmo Climates Unavailable

The same also for me.

Same for me

For me, my Netatmo integration found both weather station and smart valves, but no light/switches. They are working with HomeKit, though.

What kind of light/swicht are you missing?

Today everything is back to normal and I did absolutely nothing.

hHi, these are devices that I don’t see in Netatmo integration, but I can see and control them using HomeKit Controller. I can also control them using Legrand Home+ Control integration, but that’s over cloud.

NLF - On-Off Dimmer Switch w/o Neutral
NLP - Socket (Connected) Outlet (2x)

That is with 2022.11?

In my case:

Home Assistant 2022.11.3
Supervisor 2022.11.2
Operating System 9.3
Frontend 20221108.0 - latest

Same problem for me!
Do you have news?

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to reproduce this problem, but I’m working closely with a user with that kind of issue.

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I hope you find something!
This looks really strange and feels completely random.

It does indeed. In case you’re interested in helping debugging this issue send me a PM or ping me on Discord so I can provide you the details.

same problem

The problem has returned :confused:

Hi, still unavailable on my side. Same problem, no climate.

Home Assistant 2022.12.6
Supervisor 2022.11.2
Operating System 9.4
Frontend 20221213.0 - latest

Same here from yesterday. Climate is not showing up

Home Assistant 2022.12.8
Frontend 20221213.1 - latest

Dear All,

Same from me, new to home assitant so it’s a fresh install with latest vmdk provided.

Home Assistant 2022.12.8
Supervisor 2022.12.1
Operating System 9.4
Interface utilisateur : 20221213.1 - latest

I configure my HA server with cloud.

Rebooting HA : no effect
Reload Netatmo Cloud App : no effect
Disable / Enable Netatmo Cloud App : no effect
Go to entities, change name then update : no effect
Unplugged / Plugged Netatmo Controller : no effect

I’m at disposal to help debugging, just tell me what needed.


Dear All,

Happy new year and best wishes for 2023 to HA community.

Installed lastet update 2023.1.1 but with no luck my netatmo climate are still unavailable.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks to the HA community

Mine decided to work all of a sudden, I changed the name of one of my cameras on the netatmo app (along with climate unavailable one camera was always off). Then reloaded the integration. By doing this the camera came back to life, as well as climate data… go figure…

Maybe by updating data on the netatmo app it pushed the correct information back…

Thanks for your feddback.

Tried your way, renamed a outdoor camera but unfornatelly :

  • lost renamed camera in HA, 2 others works
  • climate module still unavailable

Relaoded netatmo integration : no effect
Deleted / Installed netatmo integration : no effect
Reboot HA : no effect

Keep trying to get it working :wink: