Netatmo Doorbell

Netatmo Doorbell support.

So far the developer documentation has not been updated to cover the doorbell. As soon as it’s API is available and someone is willing to test it feel free to contact me.

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Hello, any news the doorbell Is available :slight_smile:
Is the api availablbe too ???

No, unfortunately not. Do you own one?

yes since yesterday :wink:

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I’m also interested if the netatmo doorbell can be integrated within HA :slight_smile:

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It cannot right now as it has to be implemented first, both in pyatmo and HA.

As soon as it’s API is available and someone is willing to test it feel free to contact me.

Hi, I have installed the Netatmo VideoDoorbell and would like to integrate it in HA. Is there anything I can test?

You can run the self test script on debug and see if it gives us something. Feel free to send a PM my way, either here or on Discord to discuss further details.

Isn’t there a possibility to integrate the Netatmo video doorbell throught the HomeKit integration in HA?
The Netatmo video Doorbell supports homekit.

I also own a Netatmo doorbell and would like to integrate this into HA. I contacted Netatmo for getting the dev docs online for the doorbell. I did send it a few minutes ago so no response yet :smile:

@tvds I just tried that. You can pair the doorbell within the HA HomeKit Controller integration. Then you only get one sensor: binary_sensor.netatmo_doorbell (I didn’t test whether this is motion or keypress or on/off or …). The doorbell can only be paired once so I don’t have the video stream anymore in my local Apple Home app. Also my Netatmo Security app wasn’t recognizing the doorbell anymore and was stuck in configuration dialogs. So this is not what you or anybody else want I guess because you’re left with near-zero functionality.

@cgtobi I’m not sure what you mean by ‘running the self test script’. If there is any script I can run against my doorbell I’m more then happy to do that. So maybe you can share that details here?

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Together with a doorbell owner I got the device recognised by pyatmo, but it is not in a state yet where this could be released.

What is working so far:

  • webhook events
  • camera snapshots

What doesn’t work:

  • live streaming
  • anything else basically

I’ll keep you posted as soon as there is progress.


Nice! Is this maybe available on a public repo/branch? I’m eager to take a look :slight_smile:

Got response from a community manager at Netatmo about when the dev docs for the doorbell will be available:

The latest information I have is that the API is nearly ready but it still remains some tests and bugs fixes to do. I can’t provide you with a precise release date but it should arrive in the next few weeks, following the success of tests

So far this has not been made public, depending on the progress I might provide a pre-release custom component for beta testing, but time is limited and development without the device comes with its own overhead for coordinating access.

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Same here, let me know how I can help. As I need to be able to trigger a shelly when the doorbell button is pressed and as usual HomeKit does not allow for that automation, so I was thinking of passing the doorbell via home assistant.

Any news here about an attempt to integrate with the doorbell?

Unfortunately not. Life is too busy right now. I’ll keep you posted.


I have been following this awaiting the doorbell availability in the USA.
I received it yesterday and installed it today.
I noticed that Home Assistant auto-detected the doorbell via HomeKit Accessory Protocol.

My question:
Should I go ahead and set it up thru HomeKit or wait for Netatmo Integration?
I have not setup anything with HomeKit yet and want to make sure first.

The API for it has not been published yet by Netatmo and so far I haven’t gotten the livestream working. Right now it is useless so I wouldn’t wait for it. If it works with HomeKit, go for it. You can always switch once it is supported by the Netatmo integration.

Pretty interested in this one :slight_smile:
What functionality is working through the Homekit Accesory integration?
Any idea about the button presses, images, …