Netatmo public - gone forever?

I see this in version 105 release notes:

Public weather sensors are removed and will be added back in a separate PR.

What does it means? What is “separate PR”? Is netatmo public gone forever or it will be back soon?

Maybe @cgtobi could give some more details whether the public netatmo sensors will be returned?
They where quite useful, e.g. I used rain and wind data since both are often in my area and I have no option to install my own these sensors.

Search and you’ll find…

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Not that helpful.
What I could see with, for example, Netatmo webhooks, they were added back in 0.107 but it’s not clear whether it’s with the same functionality or not since the documentation is very scant now. So what was promised back in February doesn’t seem to be true anymore for some reason.

Not sure why you think the comment from @sjee was not helpful. It answers you’re question as in I can’t and wont give a timeline.

About the webhook implementation, the functionality has changed but is now more universal. Please take a look at the documentation and raise more detailed question so that it can actually be improved on if things are still unclear.

I don’t understand this situation. Netatmo public still works great in HA 104. So Netatmo (public
API must be still usable. Not changed, not broken, still same. It was very useful integration to get outdoor weather conditions without own sensors. So why you cut off support of this feature without substitution and without timeline of new implementation? Why release notes talk about some PR which probably doesn’t exist?

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I have the same problem.
This is not a compliant, but I wait for a solution to come out.
Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s most likely in the backlog, there are some options for you: either you yourself can have a go to implement it, you can pay someone to do so, or you can wait until one of the HA devs pick it up :slight_smile:


With all due respect, “fix yourself or pay money to someone else” does not feel right in the situation when nothing was broken and out of sudden the functionality was removed. It would still be good to hear, at least, reassurance that there is still commitment to bring Netatmo public back.

As for webhooks , thanks for adding the link to the API documentation where event typed are described, it was not there at the time when I wrote the comment.
As for Netatmo public, not helpful for the reason I commented in the previous post and because as you already said

I understand that this is annoying. I still wont give a timeline but as stated earlier, Netatmo public weather information is coming back.


Sure, no hard feelings. Was just pointing out that if you would like to have the feature back in a defined amount of time, there are things you can do to make that happen.

Let’s perhaps think about this differently. What made the netatmo sensors so different from other data sources that should give you the same info? Could you explain us why you want these particular sensors rather than sensors from another source?

The public weather data from Netatmo are special since they provide hyper local information compared to the usual weather information. Like how much did it actually rain in your neighbourhood. I myself was using it, so I have a totally selfish interest in getting this back. But time is limited.

Netatmo public is absolutely unique and very very exact. And one more very useful feature - averaging. Every sensor has its “bad day” - sunlight on temp sensor, wind gust on wind sensor… But if you choose good netatmo public area (not small, not large, i like something about 1x1km) you get very exact and very stable values from for example 5-10 netatmo users.

I miss that feature too much.

I own some Netatmo devices of different kind but I cannot install e.g. anemometre or rain gauge because no place for it. As @cgtobi already mentioned, Netatmo is able to provide very local and precise current information that you cannot obtain from other sources. You value such information a lot when extreme wind gusts and rains are hardly predictable in your area.

Alternatively, have you scanned the 433 and 868MHz bands for weather stations in your area? For example I use a DVB receiver I bought on Aliexpress for a few dollars, I intended to use it to track airplanes overhead but in the end I’m using it to sniff my Alecto weather station, have a look at the rtl433 software. It supports a lot of different weather stations.

I too use(d) the netatmo public data for local weather information.
They give local actual data rather than the artificial intelligence supported estimates of other providers who are focused on forecasting than actuals
I too am not complaining too much, but now have a broken system and I need to decide whether to reconfigure every thing that depends on outside temperature, humidity and wind speed or wait an indefinite time untill it is fixed.
The approach of “I’ll fix something I broke sometime in the future” is disappointing.

Hi, I also miss this so much. Not upgrading to newer versions of HA because of that. I’m willing to donate $ to get this feature back :smile:

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No promise but it should come back in 0.109.


Mate after the rudeness you have experienced in this thread, I don’t know why you would bother sharing your new code. Sheesh.