NetAtmo sensors unavailable

What has gone wrong?

Last night I lost all my NetAtmo weather station sensors. My climate sensors are working fine though. I’ve tried almost everything; restarting HA, rebooting the RPi, deleting the integration/adding it again, reset my NetAtmo API, deleting the HA db file, etc. The log shows nothing.

Anybody know how to completely reset the integration, forcing it to create all new sensors (that works)?


You’re most likely affected by an issue in the Netatmo backend. See this topic and the official Netatmo status page.

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Thank you tobi, then I’m not that crazy at all :slight_smile:

No, you’re definitely not. Unfortunately this happens from time to time.

Yes true… I’ve seen it before (or something similar). But I was not lucky enough to find the mentioned thread before posting my own. This explains it all and I don’t need to waste anymore time troubleshooting.

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This is why these products need to be directly addressable by their owners. What’s happening in your home and local network shouldn’t have to travel to a 3rd party. I’ve been meaning to homebrew my own CO2 sensors for ages but have yet to do so.