Netatmo integration no longer works

Here too. Perhaps there was a service problem directly at Netatmo.

And… seems its broken again :frowning: anyone else?

Yes, here too. Netatmo is about the most unreliable service I know of.

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Yep… after the upgrade i thought that broke it but no, after restoring back to my working HA the same issue, sensors are all unavailable.

The worst part is the lack of coms from Netatmo… unfortunately at the price/quality of the product there aren’t many alternatives :frowning:

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any news on this one ?

The service had been restored and all devices should function as usual.

Nice :slight_smile:

but mine does not work :-/ - do I have to reinstall ? or what to do

Can you give some more details? Do you see anything related in the logs?

heres the log


Which devices are you missing?
Do you use HA Cloud Link or a dev account in configuration.yaml?
Have you successfully used webhook events in the past?

i use

in config

  client_id: xxx
  client_secret: xxx

and the integration.

i dont know what webhooks is. ?:-/

Webhook events are the way Netatmo can talk directly to your HA instance for fast updates such as when camera movement is detected for example.

What devices are you missing?

it work a week ago

and this under webhook

i have no deleted the integration and add’ed it again
but now it wont find my cameras (either in config yaml mode or cloud mode?



where can i see if my webhook is banned ?

in netatmo dev. it seems fine


The webhook state looks fine. Did you restart HA in between removing and adding the integration?

If you are familiar with CLI you can run the separate self check.

yes i have restarted HA many times :-/
i dont know CLI

i have recently removed netatmo beta from hacs add-on repositories

Please navigate to the Netatmo dev portal and click “try it out” followed by “execute /gethomedata”.

This should give you the raw JSON data. If you can your cameras in there and you are logged in with the same account that you use for HA we can eliminate the backend as an issue.

yes i can see my cameras in the code