New Add-on for HomeMatic/homematicIP support - Action Required

I’m trying to find out whether this is the addon that I’d need. I’d like to grab a Homematic Window handle sensor and have it integrated with Home Assistant locally. I have no other Homematic stuff. Is it possible with this addon? Would I need any other hardware (like a hub or a dongle)?

Yes, you need a radio module; these can be connected through USB or ETH; Alternative is a HAP (often quite cheap on ebay equivalents) and use the cloud.

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Thanks, will take a look then

Wow this is what we have waited for. Many thanks a lot for the work!!
Works very well in comparison to the “old” integration. More deep & more entities like motion-etection etc…

one question i have still. In the “old” integration i have called the HMIP-System-programms like svHmIPRainCounterToday_2150 from the HMIP-SWO-PL and created therefore a new sensor(sensor script below)

Does somebody now how i can call the the raspberrymatic in HA. Former times it was homematic.ccu3

        friendly_name: "HmIP-Wetterstation Regen heute"
        icon_template: 'mdi:weather-rainy'
        value_template: "{{ state_attr('homematic.ccu3', 'svHmIPRainCounterToday_2150') }}"
        unit_of_measurement: 'mm'

Does anybody know if the newest version of the add-on supports HmIP-HAPs as access points? Maybe @jens-maus?
Cosmin F.

Not yet. First HmIPW-DRAP/HmIP-HAP cannot identify RaspberryMatic as a HA addon · Issue #1373 · jens-maus/RaspberryMatic · GitHub and Using pimd · Issue #17 · home-assistant/plugin-multicast · GitHub have to be resolved.

I understand. Do you have a time estimate?
BTW, your work is awesome, congrats and thank you! :tophat:

Hi thanks a lot for this great addon.

do you know how to get the “voltage” attribute from sensors with battery ? In the “old” Homematic integration there was “voltage” available as an attribute in low battery the binary sensor.
Eg.g for SWDO_PL, DLD etc…

Is there a possiblity to get the value of the attribute or if it is missing can i raise this as a feature request?
Probably @jens-maus
Thanks and regards

Have a look at the documentation.

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Many thanks a lot for the fast reply!! Have found it in the deactivated ones :slight_smile:

Hi. Thanks for this great add-on. I migrated from the previous homematic integration without any issues.

There is just one use case which is not working out-of-the-box after migration. Perhaps someone could help me: If there is a bigger difference between target and actual temperature, I enable the boost mode for my HmIP-eTRV-2 devices to accelerate the heat-up time. With the old integration, I could just resend a new boost command before the boost mode was disabled by the timer of the device to prolong the boost mode. This restarted the timer and the boost mode was not disrupted. Since the new integration suppresses resending state changes with the same state, this does not work any longer. Here is the command I use:

service: climate.set_preset_mode
  preset_mode: boost
  entity_id: climate.heizung_wohnzimmer

Is there any possibility to “enforce” resending this command to prolong the boost mode?

Thanks in advance,

Question, my thermostat doesn’t update the temperature values consistently. I noticed that often, when I change the setpoint this triggers an update.

Is there a way to pull an update? I suspect the service call Homematic(IP) Local: Get device value should do this but how to use it?


I need help with the HBW-LC-RGBWW-IN6-DR. I have two of this and on RaspberryMatic I don’t have any problems.

I don´t use the HBW-LC-RGBWW-IN6-DR for RGB strips. I´m useing it vor 3 white strips.

On this page is written, you can use it for 2 RGB-strips, 1 RGBWW or 3 CW+WW-strips like 6 canal mode.

I´m use it with 3 CW+WW-stripe like 6 canal mode.

My problem is now that I have only two channels (1-2) like the picture below.

And four canal (4-6) looks like this picture.

If canal 1or 2 is on and I put canal 3 on, than 2 chance to off.
I need all canals like first picture.

So, is it possible to fix the define of HBW-LC-RGBWW-IN6-DR? If not, how I can do it?

Which integration are you using? The core or the HACS one?

Hi I am using HACS

hi, do you have any feedback?

I would suggest to open an issue on the integration github-site.


for long time I moved out migration but now as I got the message “the HomeMatic CCU add-on has been removed from the repository”, this convinced me it´s time to finally migrate. :slight_smile:
But I have a problem: It turns out I cannot do the backup to the SBK file within the old add-on (version 99.0.5). I highly assume I have to go to Settings → Control Panel → CCU Maintenance? There i´d expect that function but nothing opens. I only get a slightly whited background with nothing in foreground and nothing happens, I cannot even navigate back to anything then. Some other dialogs within Control Panel open and show changeable settings, but some do not but only show this background, and CCU maintenance is one of them. So is there anything I can do to still get some SBK backup file?

Cheers, Jo