[new Addon] ProtonMail bridge

Hi !

This is my first contribution to Home Assistant, and I hope it will be useful to some of you. I created an addon to integrate the ProtonMail bridge in Home Assistant.

For those having a ProtonMail account, it is impossible to send an email using the SMTP integration directly. Instead we have to install the ProntonMail bridge and use it as a SMTP server.

This is the reason why I created this addon. I recently moved from Gmail to ProtonMail and I did not want my email notifications to go to my old Gmail address.

Warning, this is the first version and it’s working, but it can be hard to authenticate especially if you have the two factor authentication enabled. In this case, write in the configuration the current 2nd factor code and restart the addon. If the authentication is failing, then update the 2nd factor code in the configuraiton and restart the addon. Eventually the authentication will work.

I am working on an improved version, to better manage the authentication.

Here is the repository:


Hi. Thank you for creating this addon. I use ProtonMail as well including for my own domain so I was wondering how to send messages through it.

I have a couple of questions around the bridge software. Do I need to manually install ProtonMail Bridge on the same server as HomeAssistant? How does the plugin know where to look for PM Bridge?

I think I figured it out on my own. I noticed a PM Bridge success log in event in my ProtonMail logs. I went back to this add-on and saw that it generated the password in the Logs tab. I used that in the configuration. This means your add-on installs PM Bridge along with it. That makes sense. Great work!

Hi @xen, I’m loving this add-on for sending notifications or alerts. Is there a way to configure it for use with the IMAP integration? I would love for HA to be able to react to my Proton address receiving emails.


Would this work for syncing Proton Calendar or is it just set up to sync mail?

Under the hood it is using Protonmail Bridge, which I believe can only be used to send or receive emails. So I think this addon could not be updated to receive calendar events.

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I’m looking for the same thing. Can this be used with the HA Imap integration for scraping mails?

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Can this be used to access the calendar as well?

Bridge is only for Email still. I am hoping with Proton working with Standard Notes they might start doing more in the Self Hosting space now.

Can this be used to access the inbox, or is it only outgoing? I’m trying to set up Mail and Package Tracking, but my notifications come into my Proton account. I was going create a forwarding rule to send them to Gmail, but it would be awesome if I didn’t have to do that.

I have the same intention. Have you tried this yet?

Update: Read me says - You can use this add-on to send notifications on Home Assistant using your ProtonMail account. You cannot use this addon to read your e-mails from your ProtonMail account.