New APIs for BTicino / LeGrand Netatmo Home + Control

Hello guys!

Saw those new APIs for BTicino / LeGrand Home + Control on Netatmo have been released.

Since I’m still looking for a good way to integrate my BTicino Living Now system in HomeAssistant (apart from the HomeKit integration, that is not discovering some sensors) using the original K4510C gateway, I found these api could be a good way to do this.

I have got a F20T60A energy meter and I would like to see it inside my Hassio instance, in order to log all of my house consumption inside the energy dashboard but unfortunately I can’t get it to show up.

Did someone managed to get it working with the stock gateway? I saw many people are still trying to find a way to integrate this ecosystem.

Thanks in advance.


Support for the new API updates is in the making.


Thank you so much!

I really need that consumption to work asap and see all the data inside my energy dashboard. Thanks for the great work. I was checking the getmeasure documentation, I think it’s the one that is supposed to work for the energy meter.

Do you have an approx eta for when do you plan to release?

Any news about this?

I recently have noticed that now through the Netatmo Web Platform you can see all your connected devices and also, for example, if you have a energy meter (like I have), all the consumption data.

How can I fetch this data in order to have it integrated inside the Hass energy dashboard and so show up all energy consumptions?

Thanks in advance.

This is still in the works and I neither will or can give an ETA on this. It will be released when it’s tested and ready for public consumption.

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Do you have any new information about the integration of Netatmo APIs?

I am very interested


This has not changed. It wont land in 2022.3. Maybe in 2022.4 depending on how much time I can spend on this. Much of the groundwork is done but implementation in HA is in progress. The first iteration will probably only cover the refactoring of the current Netatmo components with support for more devices following once all currently supported devices work as expected and with as little breaking changes as possible.

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Hi all, I’m looking for potential alpha testers or people who are willing to grant me temporary access to their device (for development purposes only of course). A custom component will be available soon.

I’ll start a group for this topic to share pre beta information. Just ping me on Discord and I’ll add you.

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Hi! I would be more than glad to help. I only have one official bticino gateway kit (K4510C) with its entra&esci remote command (K4570CWI) and a power meter (F20T60A). I’m also planning to manage my two covers over L4027C modules.

On discord you can find me as Gabry1609. I tried looking for you but cannot see anyone :frowning:

Thank you!

I’m cgtobi#7113 on Discord.

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I am interested in being a alphatest my discort is sidiousse#1968

Hi, i’m also interested for the aphatest. My discord User: rob_pi#1552.
I have bticino gateway kit (K4510C) with its entra&esci remote command (K4570CWI), more switches for light ( N4003C) , one smart power outlet (N4531C), more Micromodule (3584C).

Also interested to test for you!
I have the Gateway (L4500C) with enter/exit remote (L4570CW), Smart Thermostat with Netatmo (SXG8002), Energy meter (F20T60A), couple of Dimmers (L4411C), Switches (L4003C) and Sockets (L4531C).
Discord: Huehueteotl#4741

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Hi, I’m also interested to this. I would like to integrate my shutters K4027C and I’m evaluating energy meters. I also have Netatmo thermostats, weather station and indoor/outdoor cameras.
I’m steve92#8512 on Discord

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Hi cgtobi,

If you are still looking for testers, i’ll be more than happy to help.
I’am matilbianco#3940 on Discord
My setup :

  • gateway Legrand 0 676 90
  • plugs Legrand 0 677 25
  • switches Legrand 0 677 71
  • Netatmo Doorbell
  • Netatmo Presence
  • Netatmo Weather station
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Hi cgtobi,
if you’re still looking for testers I have a bticino netatmo thermostat.
I’m Reedus#9370 on discord.

i’m also interested in joinin the test group, gonna ping you on discord :slight_smile:


Hi cgtobi,
If you are looking for more testers, I have a lot of switchers and wall sockets based on Biticino Living Now Connect.

My discord is N3tMaster#9387

Hi, do I understand this correctly that there is an API/Integration available that support the Bticino video-phone system ?