New Aqara Gateway Hub

Can someone please confirm if new gateway from Aqara is complatible with hassio ?
New version of Hub is complatible with HomeKit.
Unfortunatelly Mijia products are NOT compatible with Aqara new Hub

According to official twitter account it will be release on Amazon on September for US edition, and October for EU edition

Currently is available on Aliexpress

I’m not sure if new app “Aqara Home” will have possibility to enable developer mode and generate password, same as for Xiaomi Gateway

Aqara app (new HUB) already extended support for some Xiaomi/Mijia devices.

  • Mi Window & Door Sensor
  • Mi Motion Sensor
  • Mi Wireless Switch
  • Mi Temperature & Humidity Sensor
  • Mi Smart Plug (Chinese version)
  • Cube
  • LED Light Bulb (Tuneable White)

I have this device already, but cannot connect to my hassio. Theoretically i can add it like any other homekit device just with entering the code from the package, but in my case i get “Incorrect HomeKit code for Aqara Hub-XXXX. Please check it and try again.”

Has anyone had any luck with connecting new aqara hub with home assistant?

I can connect it, so that I can use it with homekit, but I’m not able to do it the other way? I try to put in the Homekit kode, but it refuses to accept it.

Any progress in your end?

I have the new Aqara Hub and two sensors connected with HomeKit. No luck connecting to HA, though, and no way to get the hub key from the Aqara app.

New Aqara gateway support developer mode ?
I need connect to domoticz
Please help

I succeeded to connect the Aqara gateway to home assistant using the HomeKit Controller component.

Step1: add this to the configuration.yaml

  - homekit

Step2: Initial setup with iPhone HomeKit and remove the Hub from the Apple Home App

The HomeKit code is expected by hass to be 123-45-678 instead of the 8 digits directly.

If anyone knows how to continue from this point on, I’m interested. I can only send orders tothe ledring of the gateway, I’m not receiving any status updates.

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Because you connected the “light” of the gateway, nor the gateway and his sensors

According aqara forum, LAN access (developer mode) is planned for early 2019

read the reply to post dated 23rd September

Missed the admin reply on that topic. Thank you I will keep the aqara hub then and wait patiently. In the mean time I’m going to play with deconz and/or XBEE

If you’re running deconz there should be no need for the aqara gateway

At least i can help make this ‘light’ component working correctly:
You need to change one line of code in this file:

line 44 from this:
ctype = characteristic[‘type’]
to this:
ctype = characteristic[‘type’].upper()

If using hassio install, then you need to create this file:

and add modified contents to it (take this file from github, modify line 44 and save to this file)
restart hassio.

After this your light will be fully operable, you will get status updates, you can change color of light, etc…
not much as for a gateway, but still something…

Also aqara released new firmware 1.4.7 and this gateway can now be added to mihome app.
Also after doing so, HA will detect xiaomi_aqara component in local LAN (this mode is enabled by default
in new firmware after adding the gateway via mihome app)

the only thing is missing is ‘key’, new mihome app does not have this setting for getting key…
maybe someone will chime in who knows more, but i already looked /data/ files of android app
in sqlite databases and xml config files, there is no key…

Latest Mi-home app on my Mk2 gateway still has key details . information has moved. Not sure how this reports on mk3 gateway

select gateway
select hamburger symbol top right (…)
select about
select wireless communications protocol

With this gateway there is no ‘step 3’ (i know that there should be ‘about’ section but it’s missing)
what version of app do you have? mine is 5.4.33.
also this gateway is not ‘mk3 aka ‘lumi.gateway.v3’’ it is called ‘lumi.gateway.aqhm01’

home assistant discovery service is seeing it on LAN with this message:
[homeassistant.components.discovery] Found new service: xiaomi_gw {‘host’: ‘’, ‘port’: 54321, ‘hostname’: ‘lumi-gateway-aqhm01_miio152593513.’, ‘properties’: {‘path’: ‘/mydevice’}}

xiaomi_aqara component is not discovering anything:
[homeassistant.components.xiaomi_aqara] No gateway discovered

confirm my version is 5.4.33

So we can’t get the key to enable xiaomi_aqara?
a month waiting for the update to get the hub in mi home and there is no “about” to get the key :confused:

Where can I buy the EU-Version and is it useable with openhab 2?