Tuya WiFi Smart Human Body Sensor (Radar/Microwave Motion Sensor)

I’m starting a thread for these. I was curious enough about it to buy one.

I’ve edited this first post as I’ve tested it and learnt more.

My review at this point is " :-1::-1::-1: ~ do not buy!". Perhaps I expected too much from it.

I got mine for 70AUD (50USD) including shipping.

Key learnings so far:

I’m tinkering with trying to intercept messages with the available pins/ports, but don’t really know what I’m doing and haven’t had any success yet. I guess there is some chance that it’s Tuya’s software implementation is ordinarily and the hardware could be salvaged if we could DIY the firmware.

I’m curious about how it compares price and performance wise to similar alternatives, such as:

Here’s the sensor they use.
Phosense PH10D3232EX


Nearly got one of these but sometimes find Aliexpress listings a bit misleading. Looks like it is in-fact a radar sensor and not a PIR though so a good listing! Looking forward to see your review and how well it integrates into HA (if at all?)

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A friend of mine has the same model but he’s not quite satisfied with the detection so far


What about yours?

Looks like this can be swapped with esp12 easily, although i’m not how sure to configure the pins with tuya mcu on the board

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That doesn’t sound very promising.

I still haven’t even turned mine on yet;)

Hey mate,

Are you going to flash it first or connect to tuya?

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I think I’ll first connect it to Tuya app etc and see how well it works using it’s native functionality and check if there is already Home Assistant support.

Then I think I’ll see if I can connect a D1 mini to say the debugging port and see if I can receive UART messages using the ESPHome Tuya MCU component.

After seeing how that goes, I might think about whether I can run a ESP in parallel, or try my first chip swap.

I’ll drip feed some of my testing into this post. I’m mucking around with it now via Tuya app first.

  1. Superficially it initially seemed to work as expected. App says detection times should be instant and away detection should be about a minute. That seemed broadly correct.

  2. I’m pretty sure it detects through walls. I’ve got it in my bedroom with the door closed, and I’m testing by walking into the adjacent bathroom. Consistently triggers a detection. Disappointing. I believe others have experienced this with similar sensors, but I might research that a bit more. There’s no options to dial in sensitivity in the app. Very limited options for anything. Again, disappointing.

I’ll test a bit more and maybe see if I can check out the Tuya MCU datapoints. Maybe there’s some backend easy to set/filter detection sensitivity.

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Detection through walls:

I can confirm that the Home Assistant Tuya integration works for this device.

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Hello ,
I have received mine yesterday, and they are pretty sensitive. I did find that something strange. i was not in the room and it keept detecting presence for an hour. maybe because i have moved it and disconnected it from the wifi and it was still adjusting… i dont know.
the positives is that this is way more sensitive from a regular motion sensor. Also i have a KNX presence sensor that goes off as soon as i stand still. This one is still detecting motion. while im here typing this.
But yes, Standing still reading a book, it will not detect anyone…

For me that means that it is like a normal much cheaper motion sensor. Sit still and it shut off the light

Were you in the next room by chance when it was detecting you as present?

i was quite far… but i live in an apartment. could it be the neiughbour? i dont think so. these walls are quite think.

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you are almost right there. this is better than a regular motion sensor like the Shelly devices.

I also order these items to see how this behaves

Well I cant see why. If they dont detect people not moving, and detect moving people in other room, for me its useless


hum… i am here stand still on my laptop, and yes, if i completly stand still after one minute it doenst detect… but that is not realistic. we move our hand and touch our faces and hair… so far for me this is doing a really good job!

1st “sleep test” (bedroom presence detection overnight while sleeping). Not looking very good. Might try again with different sensor positioning.

Sleep test #2 with more thoughtful sensor placement. I’m unimpressed by the results. They’re basically not useful to me as is. Definitely not able to reliably detect breathing.


I just get mine but I can’t even make it work with the Tuya mobile app.

After successfully adding the device, it just blink red and the app show: Existence sate: No one.

And that’s it. Any idea?

Have you done something special to add this device?

No. I just followed the standard app onboarding/device adding.

Maybe check your region or try another one. And check your power supply?

There’s also a reset button which you could try…