New Core installation, can't restore backup

So after running into yet another restriction on using my own hardware, I blew away my installation and reinstalled Home Assistant Core.

I made a full backup from Hassio, but I can’t figure out how to get the system to attempt to restore it. There’s nothing in the UI to upload a backup. I can create a new backup from the Backup UI, but there’s no visible option in the UI to restore the new one, either. I’ve copied the old backup file into /home/homeassistant/.homeassistant/backups, but it never shows up in the UI (not that I could restore it even if it did).

I’ve done a bunch of searching, but none of the options seem to apply

  1. There was never an option to restore from backup on the login screen.
  2. I tried to “click on the name of backup you want to restore…and you should get a pop-up for the restore” - no pop-up occurs.
  3. There’s no way to install addons in Core, so all instructions that involve Samba, etc. are unavailable.

I’m sure I’m missing something obvious, but I’m at my wits end trying to figure out what it is. I’d love any advice anyone had to offer that isn’t installing again. :slight_smile:

Supervised has addons.

Are you sure you installed supervisor?

Compare install methods

1: Backups for Home Assistant Core and Home Assistant Container is provided by the backup integration.

It could be my confusion on what they’re naming everything now - I may have installed Core? Happy to blow it away and install supervised if that makes a difference…

It’s definitely core as I’ve installed directly into an existing Raspberry Pi 4 RaspOs instance.

But regardless, Backup isn’t an addon, so I don’t know that I understand how addon support is required to restore a backup?

(I updated the posting title and initial question to highlight that I’m running Core)

I don’t use core.
I think that’s what you want though

service: backup.restore_full

Sorry, I’m only barely familiar with the UI. Under Settings → “Services & Integrations” , there is no “backup”. How would I trigger the backup.restore_full you mentioned?

oh actually It looks like you can’t do a restore in core… Not sure if that is still current.
Like I say I don’t use core.

Well, that is… infuriating.


The backup is just a tar file containing another tar.gz which in turns contains a copy your .homeassistant folder in the data directory. Just untar it into the appropriate place and you’re done.


not sure I agree with the level of frustration but it is frustrating.

I can’t see much of a point in giving me a backup solution I can’t restore from directly in HA.

I can do it easier by myself thru samba/scp/etc. and I have no expectation that the system will do anything for me like we have now.


You can unzip the backup and copy all your yaml files to the new install.

You won’t get add-ons obviously as that is not part of a Core install. Add-ons are only available for Supervised & HAOS