(new device development) Actuator for water valves or manifold in floor heating systems

Long time i search wireless actuator for water valves or manifold in floor heating systems wich can be controlled by HomeAssistant.
Goal is just use external temperature sensor and open/close valve.
Due to some reasons i do not want to use wired controller with 220v actuators.
I have try to use Moes TRV but this valve goof for radiators and very bad for collector valves:

  • Dimensions not allow to set devices at neighboring valves;
  • Too dificult to get actuator works withouth onboard temperature sensor;
  • Too complicated device for such a simple task.

So i decided to try develop and make this devce by myself and will be great if community help me to find features with could be added.

For my opinion device must be:

  • Cheap price (< $20);
  • Tuya Zigbee/Wifi compatible. Zigbee2MQTT;
  • Powered by 2 AA batery or by one (for all actuators) 5v DC power supply;
  • Set valve opening percentage.
  • On/Off, Open/Close buttons.
  • Valve/Battery status indicator.

Everybody welcome to discuss about it

I’ve been looking for Smart underfloor control for a while, and I can’t find any existing affordable and global solution.
I’m at the moment searching how to pilot 16 thermal actuator, and the simplest solution I see would be to use 24 V thermal actuators, and to drive them using 5 channels led (zigbee or wifi) drivers such as https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005004555740742.html
When the led driver is supplied with 24 V, the outputs of the driver can directly supply the thermal valve actuators.
The remaining problem is to reverse engineering the RGB-CWW led driver software into 5 independently addressable PWM’s.
Of course this would need mains power supply at Manifold level.
In order to drive the PWM’s you’ll need to implement as many “Climate: Smart Thermostat with auto Heat/Cool mode, PID control and Pwm” as you have channels.