New entities shouldn't be sent to Google Assistant/Alexa automatically!

I use the Google Assistant integration through the Nabu Casa subscription, but everytime I get a new sensor, add a new device or create a new script it’ll automatically be sent over to Google Assistant , and then I need to manually remove it every time.

One example: I enabled the new AccuWeather integration with forecast and suddenly had over 10 temperature sensors waiting to be configured in Google Home app)


May I have a toggle that says “Enable automatic exposing of new entities”? That way I could just send over the devices that I actually want to use in Google Assistant.

I want the “Enable automatic exposing of new entities” for Alexa as well please! It is one of my biggest pet peeves. Thank you @carlos.vroque for bringing it up!


voted. because i change stuff around a lot, and all the sudden I h ave to clean up the google side of things again…



This actually applies to ALL entities for both Google Assistant and Alexa. Entities should never be exposed to cloud services automatically. The user should be required to select them.

I have Google Assistant set up in YAML due to this “bug”. I still have to go back and unexpose everything in the Alexa configuration every time I’ve been monkeying around, even though I don’t use it.


oh boy this has been annoying me too often already. I forget about it and then my speaker starts shouting


Yes, definitely voted on this. One of my top annoyances with the platform. Adding Accuweather was terrible. It took me 20 minutes of pain in the Alexa app removing all the entities. Also every time I add a new z-wave switch, I have to go and clean up the generic named one after I’ve named it correctly.


This is also the reason why I still keep my cloud config in YAML.
I want to control what gets exposed to Google and Alexa and it is painful to remove them later

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This is so annoying. You still need to clean up with exosed entities.

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According to the beta release notes, in version 0.115 we might see this feature improved:



I can confirm this issue has been resolved in 0.115. Although some domains are still exposed automatically on a new install, you can turn them off. Good enough for me. I can finally get rid of my YAML Google cloud config!

Thanks devs!