New ESPHome Update - Then Cannot update devices


I updated to the new version of ESPHome (noticed logo changed) and for some reason I am getting the error below. I looked at the ESP integration and cannot find a way to update. Note updating the devices has not been an issue in the past (a long time, over a year I would say)?


Did you do as the message suggests?

@waketech_03 On the ESPHome dashboard there’s a 3 dot menu, hit “Clean Build Files” (sometimes it helps clear compilation errors) and then hit “Install” which will essentially update the node.

However, there are a few breaking changes, most notably OTA that now requires you add platform: esphome for it to compile. See changelog for more information.

Yes, you get told that when you (try to) compile from the dashboard.


Thank you I looked at ESPHome and see this now, to be honest I glanced over the update and missed it :frowning:

I have put this up for people who face this problem.