New groups not showing children in ui

I just started playing with the new groups option in the UI to group some lights and switches.

With the old group method (that the docs say is no longer recommended), I could click on the parent group entity in the HA UI and it would open a pop-up showing all the child lights/switches. This was nice in case I wanted to control a child individually without having to have separate UI elements on my dashboard for all the children.

With the new groups, all I ever see is the parent entity.
Is there an easy way to get to the children quickly from the parent entity? I know the “group settings” shows me the children in the group, but there are still no toggles.

Is there perhaps a custom dashboard element that would replicate the old functionality?

And is anyone aware of the logic behind not just showing the child entities like the old groups used to do?

As you have found, presently the only way to obtain this frontend behaviour is by using the old group yaml configuration.

You might like to vote for this feature request:

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Thanks for the quick response! I didn’t see that feature request, I just voted for it. In the meantime, I guess I can play around with some custom card options through HACS.

Yeah you can create custom pop-up cards with browser-mod: