New images, based on HassOS


Don’t know if I have to post this here or start a new thread. Have hassOS on Rpi3B. Bluetooth tracker enabled but known devices never changes. No mention about it in any log. Any ideas?


i just can’t get the this to boot at all. fresh etcher image and nothing just black screen. tried three flashes and twin sd cards


turns out flashing number four fixed it… for some reason


can you let us know how u did it. I am trying to write hassos_rpi3-64-1.5.img via etcher and after finishing it says do you want to initiliaze and no boot etc. I am writing the image via etcher on mac os


mine was the same i just ended up putting it in to pi and going for it


ohh…so i just write the image, ignore the errors and insert n run it in pi?


yeah thast what I did


Same here. ESXi.


I’m also seeing the undervoltage errors. I’ve had the Pi-3b connected the to a simple phone charger up till know without any issues. I’ve changed to a Brofish 6 port charger ( 5v-4A output so we should not be seeing these issues I believe.

Very impressed with the result so far, way to go team!


I confirm the space on the SSD is eaten up at 3GB now. How could I make 100% sure I’m running of the USB-SSD?

One clue: logging into the SSH addon, all the mapped drives are sda8. If I’m not wrong, it would be mmcbckp something it if were the SD card.


Can I access to boot patition?


That’s all I had to change on my Raspberry Pi 3.


Has anyone else had this problem. Since switching to HassOS 64 bit on my RPi 3 with the system restored my Pi randomly freezes and no longer is pingable. I have to powe cycle it to bring it back online. Logs don’t show anything. I am using the same hardware and configuration as before. The device tends to be online for 12-16 hours before it drops off.


ignore me… all working perfectly with the cameras too… Just my dodgy configuration. :wink:




Is it now possible to mount an smb network share? So i can use it inside the plex addon?


I can’t wait to see all new options that this new OS enabled.



I have got the same problem, how did you solve?


yeah same here, just playing around…
I have tried both VirtualBox and ESXi and same result.

Great idea though!


I had the same issue. A couple of third-party addons where missing, and also had to re-enter the link to the different repositories.

So for everyone switching to HassOS you might want to make a list of all addons and back-up the settings in a separate text file.


This looks great… I can’t wait to try it. Glad you decided to base this on buildroot. I’ve used it for years and I’ve never quite seen the magic in Yocto.