New install - Login attempt or request with invalid authentication from supervisor.auth

I did a new install via the supervisor method on a Pi. The HA ui shows continously
“Login attempt or request with invalid authentication from”

the IP belongs to container homeassistant/armv7-hassio-supervisor.
ha su logs shows

20-04-21 13:52:16 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.updater] Fetch update data from
20-04-21 13:53:49 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.auth] Auth request from core_mosquitto for DVES_USER
20-04-21 13:53:49 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.homeassistant] Updated Home Assistant API token
20-04-21 13:53:51 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.homeassistant] Updated Home Assistant API token
20-04-21 13:53:52 ERROR (MainThread) [supervisor.auth] Can't request auth on Home Assistant

How can I fix this issue?

core version: “217”
su version: 0.108.6

Thanks, Andre


I also just installed on a Pi and am getting this. Have you got any further in working it out?

Haha I just worked it out. I’ve got some ESP based devices running Tasmota firmware. It seems the default MQTT username they use is DVES_USER. These devices happened to be pointing to Homeassistant as it had the same IP as my previous MQTT server.

I just configured homeassistant MQTT server to accept this user:

  - username: DVES_USER
    password: password
anonymous: true
  active: false
  folder: mosquitto
certfile: fullchain.pem
keyfile: privkey.pem
require_certificate: false


Yes, indeed. My MQTT is also the same and I did not create setup the user.
Now that’s all explainable :slight_smile:

Hello, one more question about this.
This user is one that you have created for that purpose (with Admin privileges), is the general HA admin user or is another?


I created the user just inside the Mosquitto broker config. This means DVES_USER can only log in to MQTT, and not the HA interface.

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I am new to HA , i too had to install MQTT , I already had a sensor working thru MQTT on Core -Mosquitto. Now i have an error within the logs regarding MQTT . I see that you have added the Tasmota devices with its own login in MQTT. Can i ask did you setup the new login for this device in the configuratioin yaml . Any advise would be appreciated.

I have the same question as this one? Can someone please help for this?

try it here