New Insteon version for beta testing - (Do not use since this is now in 0.111 and higher)

Oh wow, I’m flattered! I really like Indigo well enough, but when it came time for my Mac mini to be replaced I made the decision to explore new options, particularly with the $80 renewal coming in a few weeks from then. HA is certainly a bit shaky at times but overall I’m pretty happy with the capabilities. Like you, I’ve been phasing Insteon out for Z-Wave, although I still like the KeyPadLincs so I’ll probably continue to have some kind of Insteon in my system.

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Heh, I just noticed I posted in the wrong thread. I’m not using this integration. About a year ago (before this one was rewritten) I started using the MQTT Insteon Add-on:

I’ve thought about switching to this ‘official’ integration but the other works so well these days I’m afraid to screw with it…


Is this now integrated into Node Red? I can’t seem to get anything to work other than simple on/off. Can’t dim anything, like:

I’ve tried using term “value”:200 etc. but nothing activates a dimmer light except this:

What am I doing wrong here?

This was merged into mainline home assistant a while ago, yeah. Sorry I can’t provide any help with the NR portion of your question though.

checking latest logs, found the entry below occuring multiple times. I hope @teharris1 will have time to look at these before they become a breaking issue.

/usr/local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/pyinsteon/protocol/ DeprecationWarning: 'with await lock' is deprecated use 'async with lock' instead
  await self._read_write_lock

I have several KPLs installed and when the buttons are programmed as “Momentary” they do not produce an event in HA, so they can’t be used to trigger automations. If I program the buttons as “Toggle” then they do trigger on and off events, but I need them to trigger the automation on each press, that’s why the “Momentary” event is important.
I opened up a request topic here.

Also, on a separate issue, the switch.turn_on and switch.turn_off work fine to turn on/off the leds on the relay version of the KPL, but it doesn’t work on the dimmer version of the KPL. The main button on the dimmer version is defined as a light in HA, but the other buttons are defined as switches.

I know that this has been moved into the main branch for HA.
I didn’t know where to post this question so I decided to post it here but please let me know if I need to post somewhere else.

Is there any way to enable 2 instances of the Insteon integration? I have 2 Insteon Hubs and I can only connect to 1.

I was able to do this in openHAB however I prefer Home Assistant but it seems it is limited to a single instance in Home Assistant.

Thanks for your help

@jastorino Currently the integration only allows for a single modem to be connected. Can you help me understand the use case for multiple modems? I have been asked for this feature before but I don’t understand why you would not want all devices connected to the same modem or why you would want multiple modems to control devices.

@rarroyo I will look into the issue with momentary. I am surprised this would be an issue.

Also switch.turn_on and switch.turn_off should work the same on the dimmable and the non-dimmable KPL. And you are correct, the other buttons are switches since they are only on/off entities like any other switch. I will look at this as well.

@Haddood Thanks for the heads up. It will be supported until 3.10 which comes out this year. I will definitely have a fix in before that. The change is in my current dev branch so on my next update of pyinsteon it will be addressed. Thanks again.

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@teharris1 I have a feature request for the next release (let me know if you would rather this be a ticket on Git):

Ability to migrate a device from one to another. I got spoiled with Indigo that did an amazing job of Insteon management and when (because it is when, not if with in this case) a keypadlinc goes south it would be nice to just migrate all the settings from the dead KPL to the new one. I’ve been putting off replacing one of my dead KPL’s because the whole method of moving to a new one is painful and I have considered spinning up old Indigo for this change since I’ve had to do that many times over the years and it’s a 5 minute process in Indigo.

Well, part of that feature exists but only at the command line level of pyinsteon. You can replace a device’s ALDB with a set of ALDB records from a json file. It is not a 5 minute job since you have to prep the json file but that will get the ALDB updated. Then you have the properties and operating flags which there is currently no current tool in pyinsteon for. Let me know if you want more details.

@rarroyo I checked the Momentary (or non-toggle as Insteon defines it) issue and I don’t see it on my side. When I have my “H” button set as non-Toggle OFF only, it sends a on_event which is available to automations. I setup an automation which is triggered on the event type insteon.button_on and pressing the H button triggered the automation.

Also, re-reading the issue with a dimmable KPL, the main light of a dimmable KPL needs to be triggered with light.turn_on or light.turn_off since it is a light not a switch. All the other buttons are switches.

Thanks, I’ll have to re-try that. I tried this a while back when I was setting up some automations, and I couldn’t see any events in the developer tools.

@teharris1 is there any intention pyinsteon to support the ‘insteon wireless thermostat 2441ZTH’ in the near future?
or its operating flags in the ALDB?
pyinsteon finds it and insert it to the ALDB but cant get it working.
my guess that the 2441TH (wired) is working properly?


Insteon thermostats are difficult and the battery operated one is even tougher. There are very specific ALDB requirements for the thermostat. Have you tried to set the default links? Keep in mind for a wireless device you need to wake it up before it will talk to the modem.

I have both a 2441TH and a 2441ZTH and they both work for me with the HA integration

@teharris1 Thanks for the quick reply.
I have the wireless thermostat connected to external power source so its always on.
what do you mean by set the default links? are you refer to the operating flags?

btw, my thermostat looks like this in the ‘insteon_devices.json’:

    "address": "394144",
    "cat": 5,
    "subcat": 10,
    "firmware": 0,
    "engine_version": 2,
    "aldb_status": 4,
    "aldb": {
      "8191": {
        "memory": 8191,
        "in_use": true,
        "controller": true,
        "high_water_mark": true,
        "bit5": false,
        "bit4": false,
        "group": 0,
        "target": "000000",
        "data1": 0,
        "data2": 0,
        "data3": 0
    "operating_flags": {},
    "properties": {
      "program_lock_on": false,
      "key_beep_on": false,
      "button_lock_on": false,
      "celsius": true,
      "time_24_hour_format": true,
      "led_on": false,
      "temp_offset": 0,
      "humidity_offset": 0,
      "backlight": 0,
      "change_delay": 1000

my only change here was to change the celsius from ‘false’ to ‘true’.


Never Mind, for some reason, the router started assigning dynamic IP. Not HA issue

as from version 2021.5.1 my Insteon stopped working !!! , I changed nothing in the configuration.
Alexa skill is working. insteone iOS app still working
Logger: homeassistant.components.insteon
Source: components/insteon/
Integration: Insteon (documentation, issues)
First occurred: 12:32:02 PM (4 occurrences)
Last logged: 12:35:59 PM

Could not connect to Insteon modem

Found this other error in log

Logger: pyinsteon.protocol.http_reader_writer
Source: /usr/local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/pyinsteon/protocol/
First occurred: 4:22:14 PM (3 occurrences)
Last logged: 4:24:53 PM

An client error occurred: Cannot connect to host 192.168.x.xx:25105 ssl:default [Connect call failed (‘192.168.x.xx’, 25105)]

@teharris1 hello! i was wondering if you can help me how to change the back light level of a KPL?


@OferPRTZ In HA, navigate to: Developer tools and click on the Services tab. From the service drop down select insteon.add_default_links. In the Service Data field enter the entity_id in the following format:

entity_id: climate.a1b2c3