Want to use Insteon keypadlinc buttons in automations

I have several Insteon keypadlinc keypads throughout the house, and would like to use some of the buttons to trigger automations. I have the buttons programmed as momentary, and the Insteon controller (#2413S) receives the event when the button is pressed, but I don’t see any events triggered in HA.
Just to clarify, this is for the buttons programmed as momentary, when they are programmed as toggle, HA updates correctly.
There is a insteon.button_on (and button_off) event for the remotes, but it doesn’t fire with the keypadlinc.
Is there any way to trigger an automation when a keypadlinc button is pressed?

I know this is an old post but did you ever find a solution to this?

No. I gave up and started to replace the Insteon keypads with Sonoff NSPanels, re-flashed with ESPHome.
They work like a charm and are a lot more flexible.

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For anybody who finds this in the future, I was able to get it working by restoring the default links