New Integration Request: Bouncie - OBD2 vehicle tracking

Bouncie is a vehicle tracking platform. It’s a device that plugs into your OBD2 port (like Automatic before they shutdown) and tracks GPS, Fuel Levels, Battery Status and more. The cost is $8/month per device.

Recently they opened their API via OAuth2 or Webhook over at

Asking someone with Home Assistant integration experience to please create an integration with Home Assistant.

Much appreciated!

Would love to see this as well. I don’t have enough programming background to make this happen.

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Any updates on this?

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If anyone is interested in pursuing this, there is a plugin made for a different home automation software called Indigo. The plugin is open source and can be found here:

Should be a good place to start.


Checking in on this- I wish I knew how to do it and I would. Since bouncie has an open api/dev login it seems very doable?


Someone please make it happen. I’m willing to pay $50 and give my account credentials to any developer who doesn’t have the device but ready to work on this project.


I’m willing to pay for this as well. Here is more information for someone who might have the expertise:


I would love to see this too.

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I’ll start looking into this. I looked at how HA works and it’s python. Python isn’t my strongest language, but I want Bouncie integration. Love my Bouncie.


Are you making any progress?

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It’s been almost two years since this was posted by OP but sadly no one in this community were to help implementing Bouncie to HA.

Seems like you guys are still waiting for this to happen. I can do it but will need some help - I don’t have Bouncie.

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I just ordered a couple. I will hit you up when they arrive and work with you.

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As I promised before, I’ll be providing my developer credentials to mandarons tomorrow so can use it for testing. He already started working on the project. I’m really excited :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Excellent and exciting news.

Got my devices today. Followed the instructions in the app. Went for a drive, which the app instructs you must do for 10 minutes to activate the location. I spent an hour in the car driving in about a 10 mile radius and it still said pending location. I’m told by their support team, my device is enqueue for cell activation (the app said it was activated, aside from the perpetual pending location message) and ‘some’ devices can take up to 24hrs.

Gave the feedback, it’d be nice if the app would alert you to the actual status rather than claiming it was activated. I’ve checked once more today after about 6hrs and still is not working. Their support team has gotten a little snippy at this point. I’m not hopeful based on my early experience, now.

I worked on an IoT project where we had private access to the cell networks for remote access and surveillance systems. Activating the SIMs in our devices (various neworks) was nearly instant. This was some time ago, but still I don’t have any confidence these guys know what they’re talking about.

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Wow exactly same issue here. I remember when I first got their device two years ago it instantly activated the service, ever since I haven’t had any issues so far. I used Automatic before, it used to many issues like not recording trip data but I didn’t have any issues with Bouncie to be honest. But I’m not sure what’s up with their activation process now!

This is what I got from their CS:

"Thanks for reaching out!

I checked everything and it looks like the device is pending activation with the cell systems. Occasionally, this can take a couple of hours. Normally, it’s only a few minutes but it looks like it is in queue and should complete the activation process in the next 24 hours.

Please keep the device plugged in.

If you do not see any data by tomorrow please let us know."

I have 4 devices, and am using a dev account as well. Right now, I use the web hook to push data to a stand alone Node Red instance, which then in turn pushes the data to a Node Red instance on HA. Not the ideal way to integrated obviously, and a real integration would hopefully connect to the Bouncie API and retrieve the information on a regular basis. I am looking forward to a REAL way to get bouncie data into Home Assistant, and would be willing to help test, or help in any other way possible.

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