New Netatmo climate component supporting multiple thermostats/valves


It is the latest stable version as of now…


This sensor shows if all devices are in auto mode, if not it shows manual.

    - platform: template
          value_template: >-
            {% if (states.climate.netatmo_1.attributes.operation_mode == 'auto') and (states.climate.netatmo_2.attributes.operation_mode == 'auto') and (states.climate.netatmo_3.attributes.operation_mode == 'auto')  %}
            {% else %}
            {% endif %}  

Maybe @petro knows how to make this sensor smart, eg. autodetect all climate netatmo devices.


Would be nice to use this information together with the runtime sensor to view it as a bar graph with one bar for each day.

I no this should be possible with grphana and that you could embed a graphana frame in ha. But would be nicer if there was a lovelacecard that can do this.

Does someone here know a custom card that is able to show bar diagrams?


I use exactly that history_stats sensors myself. Works fine in the latest beta (0.90.0b1).

I present it like this:

  - entity: sensor.heating_today
    name: today
  - entity: sensor.heating_yesterday
    name: yesterday
  - entity: sensor.heating_week
    name: week
hours_to_show: 336
refresh_interval: 3600
title: Heating
type: history-graph


It will work fine in 0.90. Either wait until next Wednesday or be brave and upgrade to the current beta.


No matter how you reorganize that sensor, you’ll need to list all netatmo devices. If you don’t like the crazy if statements, you can just make a list of state objects and select from them. You still need the list though because otherwise the template won’t update on state changes.

            {% set devices = [ states.climate.netatmo_1,
                               states.climate.netatmo_3 ] %}
            {% set auto_amount = devices 
                       | selectattr('attributes.operation_mode','eq','auto') | length %}
            {{ 'auto' if auto_amount == devices | length else 'manual' }}

Template isn’t any better, it’s just easier to expand in the long run. Just add a netatmo to the list.


This should be able to visualize the data as bars. Will give it a try.


so, can I upgrade to the latest version of home assistant, add netatmo files in custom components and everything works as in the latest version or do I have to change something in configuration.yaml?
thank you
I tried to do the procedure 1 week ago but I lost all the sensors on the screen.
I have a netatmo weather station, 1 netatmo time switch and 5 netaatmo valves.


You can delete netatmo in custom_components and upgrade to the latest beta and everything (netatmo related) should work fine from what I can tell.

Regarding loosing all sensors on the screen, the entity names did change, that is probably the reason. Take a look at your unused entities screen and adjust accordingly.


but not loose netatmo sensor but also xiaomi sensor


Ok, difficult to judge without more infos. And off topic. :wink:


I think he could also delte the entity-core file to recreate the files. If there are new files the probably have the ending _2. With deleting the entity_core (or even only the regarding entities in that file) and restarting he should be able to use the old names again. This means not going through all your automations changing names.


i updated to beta version, delete custom components/netatmo,

platform: netatmo
but now i have two entities
climate.netatmo_camera_da_letto and
how do I delete one of the 2 entities?


Is there a webpage where I can find all of those commands.

Round, replace, float…

I searched for it but did not find it. Was does eq stand for. Equal?


In ha: Settings - entity Register - delete both the normal and the _2 entities


I can’t find netatmo_Cucina in / config / entity_registry :frowning:


the language is jinja


You can also delete the entity in the core entity file in the invisible .storage-folder.

But be very careful, if you mess up the format there, your ha will not start again.

I don’t know if it’s save to delete the core file. This could set up entity names in another way as they were before.
So I would not recommend that, even if it would be easier.


@petro Couldn’t find eq here? Is it like comparing two values using ==


Yah, it’s covered in tests i believe.