New Netatmo integration

after the upgrade to 2021.5.0 I have proble to integrate Netatmo thermostat, the new version of integration seems to not properly work: I see a lot of entities but not mine!
thaks for yior help

A fix will land in 2021.5.1

Looks like in version 2021.5.1 battery_level attribute is still missing

It has never been reliable as far as I’m aware. Nothing I have changed. I’ll put it on the list.

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For me worked like a charm for the past 18 months. Thanks for adding to the queue :slight_smile:

Thank you, mostly working for me to! :+1:

But yes, all of a sudden the ‘battery_level’ and the ‘selected_schedule’ attributes have disappeared now.
Not major, would be nice to get them back for Lovelace viewing.


Actually it appears there is a problem with service call - netatmo.set_schedule.

Said Goodnight to my house in the UK and heating schedule did not change. Soooo not quite back where we were. :pensive:

NN! :slightly_smiling_face:

It was a quick fix. I’ll take a look at the other issues.

Thank you Tobi. :dizzy:

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After the installation of the new release (2021.5.1) everything is ok: thaks!

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I haven’t really investigated it much, but battery will be fixed soon and the schedule probably too. I’ll keep you posted.

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I’m running 5.1 and I still can’t reinstall the integration… :frowning_face:

“The component is not configured. Please see the documentation.”

Battery and schedule is fixed locally. Just waiting for the upstream release.


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Wonderful, Thank you!

Almost a Cloud strikes again!! Would be so nice if Netatmo Ble devices could operate locally.

I see the changes have been made in the latest Core and battery level is now available (showing simplified this time), however “selected_schedule” attribute still is not available to switch different schedules.

Attribute available after 2021.5.4 update:


Thank you

Yes, because the upstream library has not yet issued a back port of the fix. If this won’t happen before the release of 2021.6.0 it will be included there as it will ship with overhauled internals that contain a fir for that issue.

OK, Thank you for responding.

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With version HA 2021.7.2
the battery level attribute is missing again. i am using netatmo integration.

Anyone finding on a HA Restart, the Netatmo integration will not load and all entities are unavailable?
After three reboots or so, things show up.

Can you please check your logs (debug level for Netatmo)?