New Phone == Unable to connect to Home Assistant

Short form:

I had to replace my phone, and when trying to setup the app on the new phone, I get an “Unable to connect” error from the app AFTER it validates my user account, creates a refresh token, and creates the mobile integration device for the new phone.

The full error dialog shows “Unable to connect to Home Assistant.” with details “It appears that your authorization was revoked, please reconnect to Home Assistant.”


I have two HA instances associated with the same cloud account, as well as Tailscale configured on both HA instances and on my phone. I’ve run with this setup for a while, and have really enjoyed being able to three finger swipe to switch between house UIs in the app.


I can successfully authenticate to both instances via tailscale in the phone’s web browser (or via a local IP for the the local instance).

I have wiped all of the app’s data, all mobile integration devices associated with my account (but NOT all mobile integration devices), and rebooted the local HA server. No effect.

I have connected to the remote HA instance from the app via the cloud access URL and authenticated successfully.

I have tried to connect to the local HA instance via direct connection, cloud URL, and tailscale IP address from the app, all unsuccessfully.

Having the same issue as of today.

I eventually signed one house out of the cloud service, and the authentication error went away.

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