New RM MINI3 not working

Hi guys.
Ive got quite a few RM mini3’s aroudn the place, all working fine.

ive got a new RM Mini3 – this one doesnt work. I also had to set it up in the IHC app, not the e-control app. It looks to me like theres a new firmware version thats stopping HA from talking to these.

Im currently on HA 0.103.x

When trying to run learn command to see if it connects i can see this error in the log
[homeassistant.components.broadlink] Failed to connect to device

See my post HERE, perhaps the same applies - you need to use the original Mini you installed to learn the codes.

Ive already got the codes – im trying to use it with smartir to control a ceiling fan and AC.
Maybe its smartir that needs an update?

Although i set the same failed to connect error using broadlink.send

It should be noticed this is the FIFTH one of these ive got. The other 4 are no problem – but all are prompting me for firmware updates in the IHC app – which for obvious reasons i am avoiding.

Hi, I have 4 devices and 3 are working but the latest one arrive today and is not working as well. I have got the codes already.
The latest one is not sending commands