New router setup for Home Assistant

Hi all,

I’m planning to change my old router/modem/AP (ConnectBox from UPC). I hope you could help me choose one. My requirements are:

  • I have Xiaomi IoT devices and LG TV so client segmentation would be nice (vLANs?),
  • I’m planning to run VPN to access my HA instance (, DuckDNS + Let’s Encrypt) remotely (as a addon on my or as a separate package on RPi 3B+ / Raspbian). I will try to configure it in the way that accessing will require to be on the VPN (is it event possible?)
  • for other network traffic (from other devices like laptops and phones) I would like to route traffic via my NordVPN access (OpenVPN) - it also could be set up as VPN tunell in NordVPN connection.

I have asked on discord channel and got these devices: Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 4 + Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC Lite. Don’t know if in 100% they are supporting my requirements.

Thanks in advance,

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EdgeRouter 4 is a good choice, I like the UniFi USG as well.

The EdgeRouter is more feature rich than the USG. But, if you do not tinker much, the USG and the controller UI in really nice, my first choice.

AP AC Lite an older model, I would consider nanoHD first, then AC LR.

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Thanks for the prompt response. Router and AP will be in a flat so no Long Range devices are necessary (AC LR).

The price of nanoHD is twice as a AP AC Lite. Is the nanoHD really needed for home use + IoT?


Following this, I want to replace my network too…

I wanted to get the USG + Unifi Cloud Key + any compatible Ubiquiti AP

I have 500Mbps for now and the clients in which I want to take advantage of the speed are wired.

I want my WiFi/IoT devices to be able to reach 200-250Mbps on 2.4Ghz. I have a small place, about 1500Sq condo. What are the recommendations for AP?

USG and Unifi Cloud Key is a go, but I am having a hard time finding the right AP. Should I go for the UAP AC LR, UAP AC Lite or the UAP-AC-IW? I am planning to put it on a wall, not ceiling mounted.

My whole home is covered by one AP AC LR with four happy users…

I hid my AP AC LR under the bottom drawer of an Ikea chest of drawers. It works great :slight_smile:
(Ikea MALM chest)

How big is your home (+ garden?)

How’s the speed on that AC LR on 2.4? Range I do not mind it much, speed I do!

Ah its a good question :slight_smile:
3 story brick and plasterboard.
~620sq ft per floor
Garden is ~40ft long and signal right at the end is low.

Is this one required for a good unified setup?

Not if you only have a router. If you have the USG or multiple AP, switches, etc then you should get it… However you can also use any VM, Raspberry Pi or whatever you have around to run the software.

Or the hassio addon:

Personally I am running the controller in another docker. its overkill for one AP though but I do it for presence detection since before direct AP component was released. Also allows me to easily expand the network as/if needed.

you could also go for the ER-X cost only a 1/3 and does the same job - Or do you want to run HA of this router? got one UAP AC Lite on the ER-X and my Modem under Singleuser mode (UPC calls it modem mode)
For your VPN you could install zero-tier. Deam easy to set up and with 3 routing roules and one setting in your account you can connect to your Home network.

If you have gigabit connection the ER-X wont cut it.
I have FTTC in UK which maxes at 80mbit and my ER-X SFP is perfect.

How do you measure speed?
Reported link from the device/AP?
Actual measured throughput?
Or just gut feel? - in this case the number of complaints in the home is low.

Max throughput to single device, I know they’ll prob share bandwidth with all other devices but these barely use any in my case. I’ve got all the network for myself.

Going back to my question. Will the UniFi AC Lite be sufficient for small flat? Can I use the RPi as a VPN server (to connect to my HA instance from the outside) and for the other outgoing connections (different vLAN) connect to different VPN service using OpenVPN?


do the unifi devices act as a mesh or do you need to reconnect to the different AP’s as you move around?

there are mesh access points and non mesh access points. they are different models

OK thanks. I dug in a bit more and figured it out.

From what I found out it looks like the minimum requirement to have a working setup that will provide internet access, routing and wifi will need three different devices: a USG, edge router and a wifi AP.

is that basically correct?

and I don’t think i would need a cloud key, or would I?