New to card-mod but not working

Hi all… I am just playing with card-mod for the first time. The install and use seems to be stupid easy… but its not doing anything :slight_smile: I have card-mod.js in my lovelace resources in configuration.yaml like my other resources. Then I added this code to the card:

style: |
   ha-card {
      bachground: red;

Lovelace is set to YAML mode, so install was manual. Maybe missed something there?
oh… card-mod.js and card-tools.js are both in www root folder and resources reference /local/…

Card mod could have an issue with the latest update:

Though that may be only the markdown card and it could be just your misspelling of background.

Funny. I was wondering about that. I literally just went to 0.111.1 and then tried to integrate card-mod. Figures. I will follow those threads. I have not gone to 0.111.2. They were released so closely together.


Try correcting the spelling on this first:

I did Tom :slight_smile: Missed it when I moved the code over.

But thank you!

Here is the whole card entity:

- type: entity
          entity: sensor.range_in_mileage
          name: Distance
          icon: mdi:map-marker-distance
          style: |
               ha-card {
                    background: red;