New user...question about what version I installed

Hey gang…brand new user here. I just installed HA on my Synology 920+ using the instructions here.

So far so good…process was easy and I’m now in my HA dashboard. I’m confused about what “version” I installed. Here is a screenshot of my system page

Am I running the right “version”? I’m confused between all the forums/help videos I’ve watched that mention Core, Supervisor, HA OS, and among other keywords.

All I really want HA for is to build a dashboard and connect to my Hubitat.


Also, I’m confused if it’s intentional that the page says Docker = True, and Virtual Environment = False, even though I am running it in Synology VMM and no docker.

The branding/re-branding has been confusing to me as well. The installation type is listed as Home Assistant OS, so take it as that. If I recall correctly, the HA OS is basically a docker install anyway. The virtual environment pertains to python.

Let me help you.

In your case, there’s this DS920+ box, and inside the box you have VMM (is it 6 or 7?), and under the VM you are running HAOS (which is a locked-down appliance OS provided by the HA project, and you are on HAOS 7.0), and in the HAOS you have core 2021.12.1 (which houses the main HA codes), and supervisor 2021.12.1 (which coordinates various aspects of HA in the background.)
Other stuff (docker, python, kernel, etc.) are underpinning things in the background, I guess for troubleshooting, and if things are working you likely could ignore those.
You don’t have to, but if you must, learn more here: Architecture | Home Assistant Developer Docs (

Down the road, your Core, Supervisor, and HA OS can be updated independently.

  • Most of the HA features would come to you via core updates. Would recommend you read the release notes to understand what would change/add/remove, and plan accordingly, before your perform each core upgrade.
  • Supervisor would update itself.
  • HAOS updates would bring you new drivers on new USB dongles, and new linux kernels with (kernel level) security patches.

So back to your questions:
Yes, you are running the latest version (as of today). The “Virtual Environment” thing is not about whether you run your HAOS under VMM or not, but for something else. Your install type is HAOS, as indicated on the 2nd line.

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Look at Installation Type - it tells you there that you installed Home Assistant OS. See the differences to see what’s going on, and why it says you’re using Docker.

Virtual Environment refers to the Python venv FYI.

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Awesome…really appreciate the detailed answer!

Ah good to know, that makes sense