New way get Broadlink Bestcon wall switch RF code TC2S Tc1S Rm4Pro cloud off

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Hello Community.
Bought some TC2S and TC3S wall socket switches
aka 2 gang , 3 gang without N line. And then manage to integrated with hassio
I’m in Thailand so we used US Model anyway this way work 100%
Googled around how to inject RF BASE64 OR Hex.
From wall switches but every methods only support Rm3 , rm3pro . Many users face the same problem. But this methods work 100% TC2S or TCxS series seem to be a low cost and rename to Bestcon (IMHO)

1. SSL injection https you may use Proxyman,
Debookee, Charles.
2. Smartphone broadlink app that already paired
and working.
3. Create your scene with whatever trigger but
actions gonna be our RF button. (this can add
more than 10 actions so add in one time. (eg.
Bedlight-On, stairslight-On )
4. Then go to Account tab click > manage homes
> click my home that we just configured
above > Manage members > until you found
Family QR code , you may save and we’re

This is a tricky way but work. So open Chalres on PC, Mac then setup proxy on your smartphone to be monitor with Chalres (please google it ) Once you see http request from broadlink app
Close Broadlink app and open IHC app > sign in with the same broadlink account.
Navigate to family home name , sample click some
Button and watching for path

All your dumb code is here just convert to hassio way hope this help.

Many thanks for the tips.
Was struggling to work with the bestcon switches for the longest time :joy:

Hi @nuieskater, thanks for the tips.
Recently bought the tc2s switch but no way to get it to work in Hass. Followed your steps above, however I not clear about step 4, where to use that QR code after we save? I tried to create scene in new broadlink app as per your step and open IHC to execute the scene that created in new app. But seems IHC not support tc2s switch, it always failed to execute the scene and cannot bring to correct path. Do you have any idea?

Actually no need to use QR Code. You just need to create scenes involving your TC2S switches in the Broadlink app. When you login with the same broadlink account in the IHC app, it will download all your scenes (which you can view using Charles) which will contain the codes in Hex. Convert them to base64 and you will be able to use them in home assistant.

@ymloh thanks for the explanation.

Yes. I did the same as per your described. However, when I access the scene in IHC app, I failed to execute the scene that I created in Broadlink new app and due to this that I noticed in Charles that I receive different path without correct codes. Please see attached.