New Xiaomi aqara camera/gateway
Wil this camera be compatible with Hass?


I have this question too, I have this camera and use HASS but it’s currently only added to MiHome app.

Can you please try to set it up if you already have the camera and HASS install?

I am looking to buy one for cheaper sensors and would have this rather than the plug-in gateway.

When I triple-click on the version number under the camera - I indeed get the option “local area network communication protocol”. However, it says “current device does not support this feature”. So I guess it’s not possible to add it like the GW… :frowning:

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Tried the same. Maybe in a future update…

New to, so don’t laugh if I put stupid questions :).

I’m interested to add some sensors from Aqara. Do I need to buy an Aqara gateway?

Does this sensors are compatible with VeraPlus, does anyone knows?

Thank you.

Thanks for trying.
Guess I will wait for the camera gateway to be supported since I do not want to plug in the gateway with a power transformer.

Yes, you’ll need a gateway or like a Conbee USB stick. Don’t know if it works with Vera. :slight_smile:

Is there no other way to add this camera to Hass? or another way to find the key for this camera?

I am also seeing the same issue when trying to enable the lan communication protocol using the guide here:

I managed to get as far as the enable LAN protocol screen, and generate a password. However I received a time out message when confirming. Perhaps they are working on it.

+1 interested in use Xiaomi Aqara Gateway Camera on :slight_smile:
any news??


This camera would be an awesome item for the system, as it could be used as speaker, camera and bluetooth gateway!
But the way to obtain a token from a aqara gateway is not valid in the camera at the moment, so probably we have to wait until xiaomi releases an update with the possibility of developer mode, because when you try to enter to “local area network communication protocol” from the mi app, It returns “currend device does not support this feature” :frowning:
I would like in any case to know if there is any work in progress, so maybe I can contribute.

There is another option below “local area network communication protorol” named: “gateway information”.
In it it has two options in Chinese - click the first and you will have option to activate “local area network communication protocol” and you can generate password :slight_smile:
Everything seems to be ok but I can not save the option - when I click “confirm” there is “unknown error”…


You are right! Good discover. I am getting “timeout” instead of “unknown error”, but still dont work

Yes, I also did get timeout and unknown error but there is hope - this option is implemented but something is yet not working right.
Interesting thing is that I didn’t get error with wrong password at hass but sth about incorrect configuration and “Unable to install package PyXiaomiGateway”

I’d love to get this working and run the camera gateway off a USB powerbank so all the sensors and reed switches will still work incase of a power out.
I want to utilise these sensors for a home security system.
Currently I have my Rp3, router and Xiaomi gateway plugged into a UPS.

Following. :slight_smile:

Hi, I was just adding a Xiaomi Philips Lamp to HA and while retrieving the token for said lamp the Mi Toolkit also came up with a token for the Aqara Camera.
Don´t know if the information is of any use, though. - Aqara智能摄像机(网关版)
Cheers and hagd

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Up…it would very great to add this camer AND gateway to

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+1 for this camera with microphone and speaker!

It would be great if this could work at least as an gateway for the time being :slight_smile: