Newbe and spotcast


I have just set up my first hassio. Its running at my synology nas.
what i’m trying to accomplish is to start a spotify playlist on either when i press a button or automatically on event. I have tried both on my bluesound, chromecast and google home.
But nothing happens. I managed to get custom: spotify-card to work but it drops all devices without hassio, web player (chrome) and local-computer.

The spotcast service is up running.

I use this script:
    - service: spotcast.start
        device_name: google vardagsrum
        uri: spotify:user:spotify:playlist:4Mm14OcrRVHKp7U2zpDp4j
        media_content_type: playlist

Sat Nov 30 2019 08:50:06 GMT+0100 (Central European Standard Time)

Could not find device google vardagsrum from, falling back to pychromecast scan

Connection lost. Reconnecting…

I think it’s better to ask your question in the spotcast topic as this is a custom component.

thanks i will do that